Jamie Otis updates fans on 2-year-old son's seizures: 'There is nothing scarier'

Jamie Otis is giving fans an update on her son's health.

On Wednesday, the 35-year-old "Married At First Sight" star shared a video opening up about her 2-year-old son's febrile seizures, in hopes of helping other moms "going through" the same thing.

"Hendrix boy had a good appointment today at the neurology office," Otis began. "We're going to have an EEG done just to kind of have a baseline and you know, this is the third night that he's spiked a fever."

"I am like, kind of like, at my wits' end to be very honest, and I just wanted to come on and say thank you so very, very, very much for all of your well-wishes and positive vibes, and in your prayers. Thank you so much for thinking about us. I'm going to just take a week to like, just focus on getting Henley ready for school She starts kindergarten and this little one here — hopefully, fever free."

"Anyways, we just wanted to say thank you again," she said before giving the floor to Hendrix to say "thank you," as well.

"Thank you so much for all your prayers and support for our Hendrix boy. He had his neurologist apt today. It went well! The doctor was super reassuring. He said 5% of kiddos have febrile seizures and only 1-2% continue to have them throughout adulthood," she captioned the video, adding that there is a possibility Hendrix will grow out of his seizures.

"There's a big chance he will outgrow them, but there's a small chance it could be something more so Hendrix will have an EEG done and then a follow-up apt. Honestly, I feel so much more relaxed and just all around better knowing that after this doctors have seen the videos of Rexy seizing that he still thinks it's something he can grow out of," she wrote.

"In other news, tonight is the third night that he's spiked a fever. Apparently, these febrile seizures come on when his temperature changes drastically (so if his fever spiked suddenly or if it drops suddenly). Knowing this I began trying to slowly reduce his temperature," she went on. "The moment I feel the fever or sense it coming I will give him Motrin and draw a Luke warm bath. Then when he begs to get out of the tub I bring cool clothes to put on his neck and head."

She admitted that while "it's kind of a process" it's worth it because "it works."

"Hendrix was getting those seizures with every single fever, but for the last 3 nights doing this, he hasn't had one seizure! I figured I'd share this just in case it helps any other mama going through this. There is nothing scarier than seeing your baby twitch and convulse in your arms," she shared.

"I took him to the urgent care tonight since he keeps getting fevers and they didn't think anything was wrong," she continued. "But I'm gonna go to his pediatrician's office tomorrow to double check just in case."

Fans responded to Otis's video with even more well-wishes and praise for her transparency.

"Prayers to you, mamma! I pray you get answers very soon and simple fixes! It already sounds like you're on the right track! Being a mom is so hard! Tonight I'm sending a special prayer for your peace!" one Instagram user penned.

"Thinking of you guys during this difficult time! He is so precious! Stay strong!" another wrote.

"Thanks so much for sharing this. Love how open and honest you are on here! Praying for Hendrix's recovery and sending positive vibes your way!" one fan chimed in.

Another person wrote: "I’m praying for you! Hope you have answers soon."

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