Jamie Otis opens up about 'heartbreaking' relationship with her mother

The reality television star shared a vulnerable note on why Mother's Day is difficult for her.

Jamie Otis is reflecting on why Mother's Day is difficult for her.

On Monday, the"Married At First Sight" star shared a set of old photos, smiling with her mother, paired with a "heartbreaking" note about how her mom's drug abuse complicated their relationship.

"Mother's Day is tough for me. My mom was my best friend before she began using drugs," the 36-year-old began.

Otis explained her mom protected her from an "abusive stepdad" before falling into addiction.

"She became more addicted to her habit and less interested in me," she wrote.

Otis detailed her mother would "disappear for days to weeks at a time," not wanting to be found.

"I became so angry and bitter towards her. I could barely look at her without anger radiating through my body," the "Bachelor" alum shared. She admitted after having children of her own, she was able to understand and empathize with her mother.

"I began to try to put myself in my mom's shoes," she added before detailing her mom's life as a single mother of five who was married three times. "In the last marriage my stepdad would literally beat her, choke her, run us off the road — he threatened to end my mom's life more times than I can count."

"No wonder she turned to drugs as an escape."

Last month, Otis' mother "disappeared again," leaving her and her siblings worried that she might be "dead somewhere."

"After a few days of looking for my mom, we finally found her at a new drug buddy's house," she penned.

"I'm sick of wondering if my mom's dead. I just want to be able to know where she is and that she is at least safe," Otis continued. "My mom agreed and I feel like we are on the road to recovery for our relationship."

Fans met Otis' "vulnerable" post with warm and supportive comments.

"This is so raw and vulnerable. I'm so sorry that you had such a scary and heartbreaking relationship with your mum," an Instagram user wrote. "Thank you for your honesty. You're not alone. Sending love!"

"What a tough journey you have been through. I honor your care for her," someone else added.

One person penned: "You have such a forgiving soul. It’s admirable."

"You’re amazing, Jamie. A lot of people would have just given up on her. You have a pure heart, and she’s lucky to have you in her corner," a fan commented.

In November, Otis shared a video alongside her husband, Dough Hehner, about breaking "awful" generational parenting cycles with their kids.

"My grandma left my mom with her babysitter and didn't go back for her for years," Otis revealed. "When I was a child my mom left me with our neighbour first, then a friend, and after that, her ex-boyfriend."

She assured her fans that "no matter how hectic and chaotic my kids are, I will always come back for them."

"I'm so proud to break that awful generational cycle."

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