Jana Kramer says there's 'no shame' in wanting to change your body after getting breast augmentation

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Jana Kramer is opening up about her breast augmentation, sharing that her only regret 10-weeks after surgery was not having gotten them done sooner.

"I never understood it when people got boobs and they’re like, 'Wanna see my boobs?'" Kramer said in Monday's episode of Teddi Mellencamp's podcast Teddi Tea Pod. "But now I'm like, 'Wanna see my boobs? I go around like, 'Wanna see 'em? Wanna see my boobs?' I love them."

The 37-year-old actress and country singer has been outspoken about her decision to get an augmentation back in March, just before filing for divorce from husband Mike Caussin after finding out that he had cheated on her. And although it was a difficult time in her life, Kramer shared that it couldn't have been better timing.

"A few years ago I wanted to get them, but I think I didn't want to get them for myself. It was one of those things where I kind of think, or I know, that I was more self-conscious of my body and just how your boobs change when you have kids. It's one of those things where I was just super self conscious about and I wanted to feel sexier. But again... if I would have done it then I would've probably gotten bigger than I wanted to. It wouldn’t have been for what I wanted," she shared. "So, first of all, I'm so glad that I waited because I waited when it was the right time for me."

Still, knowing that it was the right decision for her at the time didn't ward away critics who had something to say about her choice and shamed her for not being confident in her body beforehand.

"It's so hard because in this day and age we want to be proud of our bodies and I think you can be both. I think you can be proud of your body but also want to change things as well. And I think there's no shame in that. I think you can love your body regardless," Kramer said. "I'm so happy that I made the decision for myself and that I didn’t listen to other people being like, 'You should love your body the way you should.' Yes, I one thousand percent agree with you but I also think it's OK to change and do things that can make you a little more confident or make you feel better in your own skin."

Kramer went on to share that she also took time to find a doctor she was comfortable with and who she felt she could trust, which she ultimately found in Nashville after feeling some pressure from Los Angeles-based surgeons.

"I kept saying to the doctors, 'No, I want them to be small.' And they’re like, 'No, no, no, you're gonna want to go bigger. You should get at least 330 CCs.' I'm like, 'No, I don't like how that looks,'" she explained. "But I kept feeling like he wanted to push me. He’s like, 'Every girl comes out of surgery and says they wish they were bigger.' And I'm like, 'OK, well I’m not that person.'"

She even admitted to giving some thought to a "mommy makeover" after seeing one of her friends get one. "I've always had a little tummy pooch and no matter what I do, drink, run, it's kind of always there. So I was like, man that'd be kind of nice. But [my doctor] did tell me that it hurts really bad and I was like, 'I don't wanna be in pain everywhere," she said. "So I ended up just being like you know what, I like my little mommy pooch, I’m cool with it. I don't knock anyone that does a mommy makeover cause I have a friend who did it and she looks banging."

When it comes to any pain that she experienced from the breast augmentation, Kramer said that she was most bothered by the tightness she experienced in the days after surgery. "I do suffer with anxiety so that feeling like I couldn't breathe or it was super tight, I didn’t like that. It felt like I had dumbbells on my chest. But then I took the medicine, I think it was Percocets, I took those for 2 days and then I moved to Advil and honestly the pain was really minimal," she explained. "The only thing that bothered me was just the tightness in the chest and I think that lasted for six days so I was just high on valium for a week and it was great."

She continued, "I have zero, zero, zero regrets. I'm happy with the size. Again, I trusted my surgeon. Honestly, my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. That's the only regret."

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