Jana Kramer celebrates husband Mike Caussin's 'sober birthday' as he recovers from sex addiction: 'I'm proud to be your wife'

Raechal Shewfelt
·Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
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Jana Kramer says she’s proud to be the wife of Mike Caussin, as the former NFL player marks one year of sobriety in his recovery from sex addiction.

“This year I have watched you become the man I knew you could always be,” the country singer and actress wrote on Instagram. “I’m proud of all the work you have done to become not only a better husband and person but I can see you loving yourself now and leaning on God and letting him into your life. I’m so very proud of you for sharing your story to help others because most people get to live with anonymity but your courage is helping so many.” She added, “I’m proud to be your wife.”

Caussin himself spoke out about the anniversary on Monday, with his own post on Kramer’s Instagram page. “As an addict I carry a lot of shame,” he said. “Others who share a similar disease can relate. We rarely like to speak about it let alone acknowledge it. But this Thursday I celebrate the most sober year of my entire life. I’ve had my stumbles and falls over the last four years in this program but this year has finally been different. None of that has been possible without finally allowing myself to lean into others, lean into my wife and lean into God.”

The couple, who married in 2015 and share two young children, regularly share updates on their relationship. They’ve been open about the fact that they separated in 2016, after Caussin had an affair, and that they rekindled their relationship following his treatment for sex addiction. In September, they released a book on relationships, The Good Fight: Wanting to Leave, Choosing to Stay, and the Powerful Practice for Loving Faithfully. They discuss ongoing struggles on their podcast, Whine Down With Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin.

Back in June 2019, Kramer explained to Yahoo Entertainment that they share in the hopes of helping others.

“I honestly didn’t expect as many women to come out of the woodwork as they have with the problems in their marriage,” Kramer said. “I thought people would be a little more closed-door with that, but it’s just been really nice to see people want to work on their relationship. I think that’s a really affirming place, knowing that we want to help people. We want to be able to give, to kind of be like, ‘All right, this is what we went through, we turned basically rotten lemons into lemonade,’ so to know that we’re helping people makes us happy.”

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