Jane Fonda says Jennifer Lopez 'never apologized' for cutting her face in Monster-in-Law slap scene

If Monster-in-Law's titular character Viola Fields contributed one meaningful thing to cinema history, it's the sage advice to never "go and slap somebody and then apologize." Jennifer Lopez seemingly heeded the warning, as her costar Jane Fonda says she didn't apologize after accidentally cutting her face while filming the movie's iconic slap scene.

The Moving On actress revealed Thursday on The Drew Barrymore Show that Lopez unintentionally broke skin on Fonda's face as they worked through a sequence from the 2005 rom-com in which Viola (Fonda) and Charlie (Lopez) clash on the day of the latter's wedding to the former's son, Kevin (Michael Vartan).

Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda slap each other in Monster-in-Law
Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda slap each other in Monster-in-Law

BenderSpink/Spring/Creek Pictures/New Line Cinema Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda slap scene in 'Mosnter-in-Law'

"Well, okay, the thing that comes to mind right away is, we have a slapping scene. I slap her, she slaps me, I slap her. Well, Jennifer — as per Jennifer — she had this enormous diamond ring," Fonda told Barrymore during a segment reflecting on her past roles. "And so, when she slapped me one of the times, it cut open across my eye, my eyebrow. You know, she's never apologized."

In the film, Charlie quickly apologizes to Viola for getting physical with her, with Viola quipping that her future daughter-in-law should "get some backbone" and never let an apology follow an intentional slap.

Representatives for Lopez did not immediately respond to EW's request for comment.

Though Monster-in-Law marked Fonda's first movie role in 15 years at the time, the film received mostly negative reviews from critics. However, it went on to become a commercial hit, grossing nearly $155 million at the global box office and finding a cult audience in the streaming era, with hilarious supporting performances from Wanda Sykes and the late Elaine Stritch getting renewed attention — particularly on social media.

J.Lo and Jane Fonda in Monster in Law
J.Lo and Jane Fonda in Monster in Law

Warner Bros. Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez in 'Monster-in-Law'

Watch Fonda discuss the Monster-in-Law slap scene in the clip above.

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