Jason Kelce cries talking about his wife and kids when announcing his retirement

Jason Kelce gets emotional while announcing his retirement
Tim Nwachukwu / Getty

In a press conference on March 4, Jason Kelce announced his retirement from the NFL, giving an emotional speech that had him fighting back tears from the moment he took to the mic.

During the 42-minute speech, the Philadelphia Eagles center got teary when discussing his wife, Kylie Kelce, and the couple’s three daughters Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 23 months, and Bennett, 12 months. As he paid tribute to the people who supported him every step of the way during his 13-season professional football career, he openly showed his emotions throughout his entire speech—with brother Travis Kelce crying, too.

Jason teared up recalling the night he met Kylie back in 2014.  “I won’t forget the Eagles’ Christmas party in 2014 and heading out afterwards with a bunch of my teammates to Buffalo Billiards where my life would change forever,” the 36-year-old said. “That night, I’d meet my future wife. I still remember the moment she walked through the door.”

Noting that the “first instance” he saw Kylie is “burned in my retina,” he added, “It was like she glided through the opening, an aura around her. Then she started talking and I thought, ‘Man, is this what love feels like?’” he said of Kylie, now 31. “She was beautiful and smart, serious yet playful. I knew it right away.”

“I think it’s no coincidence that I have enjoyed my best years of my career with Kylie by my side,” he continued. “Every accolade I have ever received has come with her in my life. She has brought the best out of me through love, devotion, support, honesty, intelligence, and of course, a swift kick in the ass from time to time.”

“She has also given me three beautiful girls and a life that increasingly brings me more fulfillment off the field than it does on,” he said.

Then, he paid tribute to his own father, Ed Kelce, and mom Donna Kelce, both of whom have become staples at both Philadelphia Eagles games with Jason and Kansas City Chiefs games to cheer on Travis, too.

“I am a product of my upbringing. I think one of the best things a person can be in this world is a father. A father who is present, loving, and devoted just might be the greatest gift a child could ask for in our society,” he concluded.