Jazz Up Your Goat Cheese By Wrapping It In Brined Grape Leaves

stuffed grape leaves and cheese
stuffed grape leaves and cheese - onebit/Shutterstock

Goat cheese, the protein-packed dairy darling that is often compared to feta, is beloved for its soft, creamy texture and distinctively tangy, lemony flavors. When wrapped in brined grape leaves, a staple ingredient in dishes such as dolma, goat cheese undergoes a transformation that elevates its taste to extraordinary heights. The combination of these two elements creates an appetizing nosh that should make an appearance on your next grazing board.

Also known as chèvre, goat cheese is the foundation of this exceptional snack. Its inherent earthiness, coupled with a subtle sweetness, provides a canvas for the tender, slightly chewy nature of the grape leaves, creating a delightful contrast. Brined grape leaves, which are made by soaking them in an acidic preserve of vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, and salt, impart a piquant, mildly bitter depth that complements the cheese's zest and velvety texture. The magic of this dish lies in the interplay of flavors. The butteriness of the goat cheese is immediately followed by the refreshing burst of savory brine from the delicate casing.

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Grape Leaf-Wrapped Goat Cheese Is A Masterpiece

sliced goat cheese log
sliced goat cheese log - Bhofack2/Getty Images

This iconic pairing traces its roots to the Mediterranean, where grape leaves are commonly used in cooking. The method of encasing cheese in grape leaves is a preservation technique that infuses the cheese with the leaves' flavors over time. Various brands have embraced this tradition by showcasing their creativity in crafting grape leaf-wrapped goat cheeses, many of which have garnered praise from experts and consumers. For example, Belle Chèvre's Greek Kiss earned a silver medal at the 2022–2023 World Cheese Awards.

While it's certainly delectable in its true form, some folks swear by grilling grape leaf-wrapped goat cheese. Additionally, you can build a perfect charcuterie board by including goat cheese-stuffed grape leaves. Enjoy this medley atop seeded, seasoned artisanal crackers for a satisfyingly crispy morsel. Accompaniments such as fig jams or citrus compotes have the power to amplify the profile by introducing sweet, tart notes that complement the salty, creamy elements. Wash it all down with your favorite beer or sparkling white wine. The effervescence and natural sugars cleanse the palate between every bite.

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