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JBL updates its Quantum lineup of gaming headphones and earbuds

The new audio gear works with consoles and PCs.


JBL only entered the gaming headphone space three years ago, but it’s trying to make up for lost ground with a swath of new gear at CES 2023. The company’s latest headsets all support QuantumSurround, its 7.1 surround sound technology, and several new models offer spatial audio with head tracking.

The Quantum 910P (PlayStation) and 910X (Xbox) are the company’s new high-end wireless headsets, each color-themed for their corresponding consoles. The over-ear headphones have active noise canceling (ANC), 50mm drivers and spatial audio with head tracking. The built-in boom mic has echo and noise suppression; you can mute it by flipping it upwards. In addition to PlayStation, the Quantum 910P works with PC and Nintendo Switch, while the 910X is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC. The headsets will cost $300 when they arrive in March.

The Quantum 360P and 360X are mid-range wireless variants that support surround sound on PCs. They have smaller 40mm drivers and shorter playback time (although still a healthy 22 hours). Meanwhile, the Quantum 100P and Quantum 100X are wired entry-level headsets with a 3.5mm connection, 40mm drivers and a boom mic. The 100P works with PlayStation 5 3D audio, and the 100X is compatible with Windows-sonic surround sound. Launching in March, the 360 P/X will cost $139, while the wired 100P/X is priced at $40.

Product photo of JBL Quantum TWS Air true wireless earbuds.
Product photo of JBL Quantum TWS Air true wireless earbuds. (JBL)

The Quantum TWS Air is JBL’s latest gaming earbuds that work with PC, Mac, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. (Xbox isn’t listed, suggesting JBL passed on Microsoft licensing for the earbuds.) JBL included a USB-C dongle for devices lacking native Bluetooth playback support. The wireless earphones have 6.8mm, drivers, with an advertised eight hours of playtime (the charging case adds another 16 hours). They have four microphones (two each) and support surround sound when paired with a PC. The Quantum TWS Air launches this summer for $100.