Jeff Goldblum becomes enamoured with interviewer’s nails on Met Gala red carpet

Jeff Goldblum was mesmerised by an accessory he spotted along the 2024 Met Gala red carpet.

The 71-year-old actor stepped out for the glamorous night in fashion, wearing a bespoke Prade suit that perfectly encapsulated the dress code, “The Garden of Time”. Goldblum decorated his long black overcoat, fit as an ode to JG Ballard’s character Count Axel, in three Jean Schlumberger brooches and a second pair of shaded spectacles.

While his own look drew mass attention, he was taken aback by one reporter’s accessory. In a video shared on TikTok, digital creator Tefi shared a cute moment between her and Goldblum.

After the two took turns admiring each other’s look, Goldblum’s eye caught a glimpse at Tefi’s unique nail design.

“Let me see your nails,” the musician said as he looked down at Tefi’s hand holding the microphone.

She said: “Oh, they’re like little Venus flytraps.”

“Those are fantastic. May I?” Goldblum asks, gesturing toward her fingers. The A-lister grazed her fingertips before flashing a big smile.

Elsewhere in the interview clip, Tefi asked Goldblum if he felt “beautiful” in his ensemble. Before he could answer, she admitted he looked beautiful.

“Really? Thank you. Coming from you, that’s high praise,” he said, flattered.

Commenters were enamoured by the heartwarming conversation the pair seemed to have, adding remarks to express their adoration.

One fan wrote: “He is so charming and classy.”

“The way he lifted his sunglasses to look you in the eyes,” a TikTok user mentioned, while another said: “This made me nervous in the best way omg.”

Goldblum was also stopped by Vogue’s “special correspondent,” Emma Chamberlain, before he reached the top of the Met steps.

The two spoke about Ballard’s 1962 story which the dress code was based on. Goldblum gave a shoutout to his stylist, Andrew Vottero, for taking on the challenge of drawing inspiration from the story to create an outfit that modeled it.

To finish their chat, Goldblum recited Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, one of his favourite short stories, while Chamberlain danced around in circles – the true performance of the night.