Jenna Dewan on getting dressed while pregnant: ‘It’s a workout’

Jenna Dewan on set
Jenna Dewan/Instagram

Pregnant women are true athletes with the same level of endurance of Ironman competitors, according to a study out of Duke University. But I think a lot of that built-up endurance comes from doing simple tasks in addition to growing an entire human being. Simple tasks like tying shoes, rolling out of bed, and of course, getting dressed.

The Rookie star Jenna Dewan shared a video to her Instagram of her getting dressed in her work costume while pregnant with her third baby. At the beginning of the video, Dewan gasps in surprise as she attempts to put on her firefighter pants. As she tucks in her shirt once she was able to hike up her pants, she says, “Listen. This is a workout.”

As she tries to put on her socks, she becomes off-balanced and laughs as she says she should’ve done that part first. Then came the boots—the official firefighter boots that lace all the way up and you have to pull on. Dewan is hopping all over the place trying to put these boots on without bending over, and she looks to the camera and asks her viewers if they can hear how out of breath she is.

We do hear, and we do sympathize, girl. Been there.

One viewer commiserated with Dewan as she struggled with the socks and shoes.

“I’m not pregnant and I have to sit on a bench to put on socks and boots,” they said. “I sometimes end up falling from the bench depending how high the boots are.”

Dewan ends the video, saying, “Firefighters, EMTs of the world, write in to tell me if you, too, are this tired after putting all these layers on.”

If they aren’t exhausted after getting dressed for a shift, I’m sure they aren’t pregnant to be fair.

Firefighters and EMTs took to the comment section to share their struggles with the wardrobe.

“I’m an EMT and the pants are the worst part. They don’t make tac pants for women that will actually fit them,” one woman said.

“Given that I’m that winded when changing after a shower, and I’m not pregnant, it’s gotta be normal,” said another person in the field.