Jennifer Garner sparks hilarious reactions after recalling moment she had to eat 22 shrimp

Jennifer Garner has sparked hilarious reactions after recalling her response to having to eat 22 shrimp while filming.

The 52-year-old actor spoke candidly about the experience during an appearance on Food Network’s Be My Guest with Ina Garten. During the episode, Ina Garten asked Garner if there’s ever been a point where she had to “eat something over and over again” while filming “take after take” for a movie.

In response, Garner said that happened “so much” when she was filming 13 Going On 30, during which there was a scene where her character - Jenna Rink – was eating a piece of shrimp.

“There’s this one shot where I’m entering a party and it’s really long – it’s done in one take. There are no cuts in it,” she said. “So we had to film it the whole way without having any mistakes.”

She described some of the eating she did for filming, specifically for each take of the scene. “And in every single take, I took a shrimp and ate the whole thing,” Garner said. “We did 22 takes.”

After confirming that she ate “22 whole shrimp” when filming that scene, the Alias star added: “I will never forget… I was like: ‘Uh, I’m going to sit down for a minute.”

When a snippet of the episode was posted to TikTok, The Food Network also quipped about Garner’s experience eating so many shrimp in the caption, writing: “We’ll never watch this scene the same… love it.”

However, in the comments, many fans said they were confused by Garner saying that 22 shrimp was a lot, as they confessed to eating that much shrimp frequently.

“22 shrimps is what I eat while I decide what to order on UberEats for my main meal,” one wrote.

“22 shrimp is just an appetiser,” another quipped, while a third asked: “Wait, is that a lot.”

Other people went on to emphasis how they’d be happy to eat 22 pieces of shrimp if they were offered it.

“Today was the day I found out some people consider 22 shrimp a lot… I am not one of these people,” one wrote.

“Is that not the standard amount,” another responded about the number of shrimp Garner had when filming 13 Going on 30.

13 Going on 30 has continued to be a fan-favourite film and celebrated its 20th anniversary last month. For the occasion, Christa B Allen – who played the 13-year-old version of Garner’s character, revealed that she made a recreation of the signature Versace dress from the film.

In a video post to Instagram, Allen could be seen wearing a multi-coloured gown with light blue straps and a slit, which was a longer version of Garner’s mini-dress that her character wore to a glamorous work party. The actor also paired the outfit with a green purse, silver heels, and a butterfly necklace, just like the one that Garner wore in the film.

“Oh how the time flies. Thank you to everyone who took part in creating this sweet film, and everyone who has enjoyed it and Jenna Rink ever since,” Allen wrote. “To celebrate this momentous day and share in our collective love for the film, Jenna Rink and her wardrobe, I reimagined the iconic dress as a gown with chainmail and rhinestones.”