Jennifer Lawrence reflects on fashion mishap during first time attending Sundance

Jennifer Lawrence reflects on fashion mishap during first time attending Sundance

Jennifer Lawrence has opened up about the fashion mishap she experienced while attending her first Sundance Film Festival in 2010.

The 33-year-old actor spoke candidly about attending the annual movie event, which is held in Park City, Utah, during an interview with People, published on 24 January. During the conversation, the No Hard Feelings star quipped that there’s one way to tell when celebrities are attending Sundance for the first time: to look at their shoes.

“Because they’re the ones that aren’t wearing proper snow boots,” she said about first-time Sundance attendees, before adding: “That was me.”

Lawrence then confessed that at her first Sundance in 2010 – during the premiere of her breakout movie, Winter’s Bone – she wore the wrong pair of shoes, which led to issues throughout the night.

“I was in, like, Louboutin boots sliding all over the place,” she recalled. “Trying to walk in high heels through frozen streets. That stood out.”

However, the Hunger Games star still noted that navigating the snow at the event was still “fun,” before describing another thing she discovered at the time. “[Snow] just makes things harder to get to,” she added. “It’s also the first time I learned the term ‘catty corner!’”

Despite the fashion mishap at Sundance in 2010, Lawrence said she mainly remembers the experience as “beautiful and cold”. She also specified that the occasion was her first time being exposed to the outcomes of working in Hollywood.

“I remember it being the first time that somebody wanted to interview me and was really interested because they thought I was a good actor,” she said.

This isn’t the first time that Lawrence has opened up about having a wardrobe malfunction at a star-studded event. While attending a Dior event outside of Saks Fifth Avenue in November 2023, Lawrence helped lead the official countdown to the light show next to Saks CEO Marc Metrick and Delphine Arnault, the CEO of Christian Dior. 

However, as she approached the podium, a loud crackle rang through the microphone in front of her, causing her to jump. The sharp volume of the microphone, in tandem with her startled reaction, threw her Dior belt for a loop, causing her buckle to burst open.

In the video from the event at the time, Lawrence could be heard saying: “Thank you... Oh my god,” as her black belt flings off her waist. Lawrence immediately covered her mouth and giggled, before adding: “I’m so sorry that was so loud and my belt popped off.”