Jennifer Lopez Has Never Looked Nerdier


Jennifer Lopez is going gray. During a recent stroll in Beverly Hills, the actor and singer paired pleated gray flannel trousers with a gray ribbed pullover sweater, finishing the look with a white button-down, thick-framed eyeglasses, her signature gold hoops, white sneakers, and an Hermès handbag that costs more than my house (JKJKJK, I of course do not own a house).

Her hair pulled back into a very “nerd who doesn’t know she’s beautiful ’til someone points it out” ponytail, Lopez is definitely embracing a more intellectual fall aesthetic. Basic academia? Nerdcore? Streets are saying geek chic is back. Wonder if Jenna Lyons would approve or feel ripped off.

<h1 class="title">*EXCLUSIVE* Jennifer Lopez goes out for coffee with a friend in Beverly Hills</h1><cite class="credit">VARK</cite>

*EXCLUSIVE* Jennifer Lopez goes out for coffee with a friend in Beverly Hills


What is she looking at? What is she thinking about? What is she planning?

Famously petite Jennifer Lopez had to cuff the pants to show a bit of ankle, which adds a sporty and casual element to what could be a stuffy outfit. And pairing a warm sweater with warm pants is a clever way to address transitional dressing: She won’t be cold, but she doesn’t need to carry a jacket. J.Lo also kept her makeup on the lighter side, letting her healthy glow stand in contrast to her outfit’s muted tones and the overcast sky.

The all-gray look isn’t as much of a style departure for Lopez as one might think, even though she’s the one who broke the internet with that green Versace dress. Lately, she’s been way into neutrals. She’s opted for black on the red carpet and all-beige during a pap walk. And even though her most recent nude look is super sexy, it’s not super colorful. Even her nails are demure, as she recently embraced the American manicure trend.

But on the other hand, screw it, colored tights are back, let’s all dress like the Color Kids from Rainbow Brite.

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