Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Toned Torso in Tiny Red Lingerie Set

On Saturday, Jennifer Lopez shared a few hot pics of herself in a red lingerie set from Intimissimi's Valentine's Day collection. In the photo, J.Lo is in high cut lace panties and a matching bra, with a silk robe in the same color over her shoulders. She has her hair in a loose sensual updo, with tendrils falling around her neck, and is leaning over to smell two huge bouquets of red roses that compliment her ensemble.

The outfit really showcases her incredible physique, offering a glimpse of her toned torso and strong legs. She has on long lashes and a dewy natural makeup palette and appears to only be wearing her wedding band for jewelry.

In a recent interview with Variety, Lopez shared more about her marriage, and in particular how both she and Ben Affleck are still affected by their first engagement almost 20 years. At the time, they were both thrust into the spotlight, which cause issues in their relationship. Lopez claimed that they “both have PTSD” from that first experience, but added, “We’re older now. We’re wiser.”

“We also know what’s important, what’s really important in life, and it’s not so much what other people think,” she went on. “It’s about being true to who you are.”

In her upcoming This Is Me…Now album, Lopez is sharing more about their current love. The Marry Me star claims that not everyone thought it was the best idea to make that public statement again, despite being much more settled in their marriage now.

“As artists, we have to follow our heart and this is me following my heart and doing something that maybe everybody didn’t think was the best idea, but I had to do it,” Lopez explained.

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