Jennifer Lopez's relaxed beehive hairstyle is the *ultimate* bridal updo

As much as we love Jennifer Lopez's 'curve cut' hairstyle, her most recent look disguises those waterfall layers with a romantic take on the ultimate bridal updo. And while both are equally as chic as the other, nothing says 'celebration' more than a wedding day 'do, amirite?

To show support for her husband's upcoming role in AIR, together, J-Lo and Ben Affleck attended the movie's Amazon Studios' World Premiere where, to no surprise, they looked as dapper as ever. Our favourite part of Jen's look that also complement her floor-length, neon green gown, has to be the hair; she wore her tresses up and in a voluminous beehive.

Now, although it's not a classic Brigitte Bardot 60s rendition, instead, she's giving a more relaxed take on the kitsch style. Think: the beehive updo but taken down a few notches – quite literally, ofc.

To ensure her glam was appreciated by the masses (read: all 239 million of her fans) the star took to Instagram, sharing a video reel from the night. Watch below to bask in all the red carpet glory:

Celebrity hairstylist, Lorenzo Martin, whose clientele also includes Heidi Klum and Mariah Carey (to mention a few), worked up said romantic hairstyle for Jen.

But just in case you missed the volume of her locks in all that movement (though, I'm not sure how you could but hey ho), take a look at a side profile pap shot below. Warning: Cutesie #Bennifer pic incoming...

jennifer lopez and ben affleck attend amazon studios world premiere of air
JC Olivera/GA - Getty Images

I mean, being *thee* Jennifer Lopez, you'd assume on a day-to-day that she is among the lives of Hollywood's most elite. So, I guess that's why her hair is so big... it's full of secrets!

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