Jessica Mulroney opens up about anxiety: 'There are days I can barely get out of bed'

Jessica Mulroney. Image via Instagram/jessicamulroney.
Jessica Mulroney. Image via Instagram/jessicamulroney.

Jessica Mulroney is getting real about mental health.

In a new Instagram post, the brand and fashion strategist revealed how she manages living with near-crippling anxiety.

“I suffer from anxiety,” Mulroney wrote. “There are days I can barely get out of bed. But I do. Because I’ve decided not to let it take over my life.”

Mulroney shared video of herself working with her boxing coach and trainer, Jorge Blanco, and revealed exercise is just one piece of the puzzle to staying healthy.

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“Through training by brain with exercise...meditation [and] reading the right books I can lead an enjoyable and full life,” she told her more than 296,000 followers.

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Having sky-rocketed in the public eye thanks to her friendship with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, it may look like Mulroney is living a charmed life. However the 40-year-old “Good Morning America” fashion contributor is quick to dispel the myth that everything in her life is picture perfect.

In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Mulroney shared how she struggles to find balance, and how she’s felt the pangs of imposter syndrome in her career.

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It seems as though the wife and mother of three’s latest social media confession is yet another reminder for her followers and fans to be mindful of the curated content they see online.

“Sometimes the simplest tasks are so incredibly challenging but everyday I try and I make choices to push myself further than I could ever imagine,” Mulroney continued. “There is no shame in it and talking about [it] should become the norm. I hope and encourage you to share your stories. #nolifeisperfect.”

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The admission has garnered a massive response from fans, praising Mulroney for being candid about her struggles.

“Love and appreciate that you shared this,” one follower wrote. “I feel like we grow up being taught to put on a strong front for the world and it’s, as you said, only in sharing the struggles behind closed doors that we can normalize those feelings for all women otherwise the cycle of feeling ‘less than’ perpetuates.”

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“Thank you for sharing this jess. It is nice to know the people we admire are real with real human feelings. It has become so incredibly hard to connect with people, even our own families. We no longer put a premium on human to human interaction [because] we have our phones, it can feel like the emotional receptor of our being is lost,” another said. “So, you sharing your very human feelings is of great value to some of us. It reminds us [that] we’re more than the gadgets we carry around with us daily to connect to others.”

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