Jessica Simpson shamed for dyeing 5-year-old daughter's hair

Image via Instagram/Jessica Simpson

When it comes to social media, mom-of-two Jessica Simpson can’t seem to catch a break. It wasn’t long ago the once-favoured pop star was slammed for sharing a bikini-clad photo of her 5-year-old daughter, Maxwell, to Instagram. The image, while seemingly innocent, sparked the hashtag #bikinigate with some calling it the “sexualization” of the young girl.

More recently, Simpson and her daughter were flung into the spotlight once again — this time over Maxwell’s hair colour.

Following Halloween, the singer uploaded a photo of herself with husband Eric Johnson dressed as Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. Their kids, Maxwell and Ace, joined them dressed as a cowboy and Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.”

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Adorable, right?

Apparently not. The mommy-shamers came out in full force over this one. Comment beneath the photo were filled with criticism over Simpson’s choice to colour her daughters hair.

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“Why would you color your daughters hair at such a young age?!” wrote one onlooker. “I love Jessica, but she dyed her daughter’s hair,” wrote another.

There were some who defended Simpson, pointing out that the color change was likely a temporary spray in.


She isn’t the first celeb to have her parenting method picked apart by strangers online: “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham has come under fire more than once for sharing “exploiting” pics of her then 7-year-old daughter in her swimwear.

Then there was Queen Bey herself, who sparked online concern for drinking a glass of wine during a speculated breastfeeding period — and we can’t forget the time Pink was slammed for cooking dinner too close to her children. That’s right — trolled for providing a home-cooked meal to her kids.

The judgment runs deep, people, it runs rampant. Targeting everyday mamas, and celebrities moms, alike.

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