Jessica Simpson Speaks Out Against People Criticizing Her Weight

"It just doesn’t need to be a conversation.”

Jessica Simpson is done being body-shamed. In a new interview with Access Hollywood, the singer-slash-actress spoke out against people criticizing her weight and how she is trying to set a body-positive example for her children.

"I think that more than weight that people have focused on, we need to focus on our mentality about even talking about weight," she said, before ultimately declaring: "I think it just doesn’t need to be a conversation.”

Simpson went on to explain that the media's fascination with body has had an effect on her kids. "It’s very confusing to them because they’re like, ‘Well I don’t even understand this, why don’t they just say you look pretty, Mom? You look pretty,’” Simpson said of her two daughters Maxwell and Birdie, as well as her son Ace, whom she shares with her husband Eric Johnson. “And I’m like, ‘Honey, I wish I could explain it.’ I wish I could say, ‘For me, it has gotten better but it still remains the same and I don’t know why but it’s OK.’”



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She continued: “I have been every size [and] I do understand every body, every woman, their mentality and how deserving they are of fashion and style and it’s just such a natural thing for me, so I have to, like I tell my kids, how you feel about yourself is how you should feel. Truly you don’t need to be anybody [else’s] size.” 

Setting an example for her children, Jessica says she doesn't "complain" about her body in front of them or talk about dieting. "They just see me living a a healthy lifestyle," she explained, adding that she also "quit drinking" to be a "good role model."

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