Jillian Harris shares inspirational 'heartfelt' message about 'embracing' life

Jillian Harris is sharing the ultimate tip on happiness.

The 42-year-old "Love It or List It Vancouver" host took to social media on Tuesday with an inspirational Instagram Reel encouraging her more than 1 million followers to let go of what they thought their lives were "supposed to be" and embrace what they are.

"Happiness: Letting go of what you thought your life was supposed to be and embracing where you are now!" the Peace River, Alta-native captioned her video that features bumblebees landing on flowers, along with the sound of another voice saying: "I think happiness is about letting go of what you thought your life was supposed to be and just embracing where you are now and how special it is."

Harris's post was quickly met with a warm response from her fans who thanked her for the touching note.

"A very beautiful, helpful, heartfelt and universal message. Thank you," one Instagram user penned.

"So true," another added. "It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stress and forget to embrace the here and now."

"This is such a great message," commented another. "Thanks for sharing!"

"I love this! It’s so true and is hard to do sometimes, at least I find it hard some days," one person wrote. "I also know when I do let go, I am a lot happier. I really try and focus on all the wonderful parts of my life I’m very grateful for."

"Such a great reminder!" another commenter pointed out.

This isn't the first time Harris has used her platform to share candid and helpful life advice. In June, she posted a video on Instagram sharing her "ultimate confidence booster."

In that Instagram Reel, Harris shows off what she looks like running on just one hour of sleep, trying out a beauty filter. At the end of the clip, her five-year-old son, Leo, chimes in with a heartwarming comment that gave her a confidence boost that was better than any filter.

"After only getting about an hour of sleep last night, up with little Leo, and tummy troubles, my brain couldn’t handle another email, so I started scrolling Instagram," she penned to her more than 1 million followers.

"I found this filter and decided to give it a shot just for fun. When I went from 'real' to filtered, I thought to myself, 'Wow, I look so tired,' but then I realized Leo had been watching," Harris explained. "His comment at the end melted my heart."

"Real-life wrinkles and mom exhaustion," she wrote on the video. "The ultimate confidence booster after realizing the internet is not real whatsoever... Wait 'til the end."

"I love you, mom," her son can be heard saying in the background.

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