'Ketosis is a state of medical emergency': Jillian Michaels slams keto diet — yet again

Jillian Michaels. (Photo by Presley Ann/FilmMagic)
Jillian Michaels. (Photo by Presley Ann/FilmMagic)

Jillian Michaels refuses to back down on her stance against the keto diet.

The health and fitness guru is speaking out once again about the dangers of the popular diet trend, which consists of high fat and very low carbs.

The former star of “The Biggest Loser” discussed the ketogenic diet during a recent appearance on comedian Zack Peter and wellness expert Nikki Sharp’s life hack podcast, #Adulting.

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“People can criticize me all they want,” Michaels said. “But the bottom line is, it’s science and the science is there - and [keto is] bad for your overall health and wellness.”

While many people have credited the diet with helping them lose weight, Michaels said inducing ketosis, which requires the body to derive energy from its own fat instead of carbohydrates, is far from a healthy solution to managing your waistline.

“Ketosis is a state of medical emergency,” she explained. “So when your body becomes what is called ‘ketotic’ your cells cannot function. Your cells function optimally in a very specific pH. Any endocrinologist will explain this to you.”

Although it can take weeks or months for a person to enter ketosis, it can come with some unwanted side effects. Aside from persistent headaches, nausea and the “keto flu,” this very low carb diet can also cause breath to sour due to increased acetone.

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“It attacks the sh-t out of your liver, your thyroid,” Michaels said of being in prolonged ketosis. “It shortens your telomeres, it’s bad for your macromolecules. I mean, it makes you stink, but that’s - we can table that one!”

Image via Getty Images.
Image via Getty Images.

In 2018, Michaels advocated for a balanced diet and exercise routine as the only to improve health.

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“Don’t do keto,” the trainer told PEOPLE magazine. “The reason that keto has been getting so much attention is because it helps significantly to manage your insulin levels. Very high insulin, very bad thing. If you’re not eating a bunch of processed carbs and processed sugar and you’re not eating too much food in general, you won’t have insulin levels that are going through the roof… Just work out, eat clean and don’t overeat. I promise you, balanced diet. It’s that simple.”

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