JJ Watt Poses with Wife Kealia and Son Koa as They Enjoy Easter Holiday Abroad

The toddler dad had a fun Easter with his little guy and wife Kealia

<p>JJ Watt/Instagram</p> Kealia and JJ Watt with son Koa

JJ Watt/Instagram

Kealia and JJ Watt with son Koa

JJ Watt is enjoying Easter with his family.

The retired NFL player, 34, celebrated the holiday over the weekend with wife Kealia, and son Koa, 17 months. The family of three appeared to be traveling for the holiday, sharing scenes from a swanky hotel on his Instagram Story.

Amid the travel shots was a family photo, where the three appear to pose in a restaurant, with Kealia and Koa looking at the camera as Watt smiles, facing his little boy.

"Happy Easter!" he captioned the shot.

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<p>JJ Watt/Instagram</p> Kealia and JJ Watt pose with son Koa

JJ Watt/Instagram

Kealia and JJ Watt pose with son Koa

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For the athlete couple, it's been fun to watch the toddler's different skills develop and see where his interests lead him.

"We obviously love sports because of everything that they teach kids. They teach discipline, they teach hard work, they teach teamwork. They teach how to deal with winning and losing, how to deal with adversity," Watt told PEOPLE in January.

"We've experienced that our whole lives, so we're really looking forward to him participating, as long as he wants to, and it seems so far like he's interested."

<p>JJ Watt/instagram</p> Kealia and JJ Watt hold son Koa

JJ Watt/instagram

Kealia and JJ Watt hold son Koa

The couple is often asked if they favor Koa getting involved in their respective sports.

"People always ask us, 'Is he going to be a soccer player? Is he going to be a football player?' Unfortunately, I think he's probably going to be a little too big for — he's a big boy right now, so I don't know if his endurance and stamina are going to be there for soccer. But I can only hope that he gets his mom's quickness and speed because she's a hell of an athlete."

Watt is still adjusting to life after the NFL but says it's been "the greatest" to have the added time with Koa and Kealia.

"Having so much time to spend with my wife and son and being able to just hang out with him every morning and take him to the park and go on walks and just see him grow and to help him figure this world out and to watch him you know, learn how this whole thing works, it's special and it's the whole reason that you retire, for me anyway." he said.

"It was for this exact experience and I've loved every minute of it," he continued. "I got to go watch TJ's games and see him play. I've got to spend time with Derek and his kids. It really has been awesome and a nice added perk to it all."

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