Johnsonville Just Released a First-of-Its-Kind Brat Perfect for Summer Grilling

Take beer brats where they’ve never gone before.

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

Picture summer. Picture a grill in your backyard, the park, or maybe even on the beach. The coals are lit. You’re keeping it simple. You have a pack of brats to throw on the grill. What’s in your hand? There’s a good possibility that it’s a beer.

You don’t want to drink a heavy beer on an occasion like that. Something with a high ABV on a hot day doesn’t work really well if you’re trying to stay cool. Maybe you’re drinking an IPA or a light beer. Or maybe, you have a shandy, a combination of beer and fruit juice.

A shandy and a brat sounds like an excellent combination on a hot day. The sausage company Johnsonville and the canned shandy producer Leinenkugel’s think so, too, and they’ve gone ahead and combined the two for us in a new bratwurst they’re releasing just in time for summer grilling.

Johnsonville's Summer Shandy Beer Brat

Beer brats are nothing new. Some brands, including Johnsonville, already sell beer-infused bratwurst. Another common way to get the flavor of beer with the sausage is to cook brats in beer. You can do that on the grill by putting the beer and the brats in a grill-safe pan.

You can also choose a shandy to cook those brats in, or you can now choose Johnsonville’s Summer Shandy Beer Brats, fresh grilling sausage infused with Leinenkugel’s iconic Summer Shandy beer. The result is what Johnsonville calls “lemon-flavored brats that are sure to be the best thing at the cookout.” The shandy-infused brats can go straight on the grill, no pan required, to get that extra smoky flavor and the crispy bits where the grill marks are.



Cooking with Shandy Beer Brats

What seems to be the first-ever shandy brats are available on the Johnsonville website and also in major grocery stores. When you get your hands on them, you can serve them as-is or on a bun, with the usual sides such as potato salad and broccoli salad. Or, you can use them in a recipe. We suspect these lemony brats might work in these dishes that call for sausage:

Whether on the grill or in a recipe, these new brats excite us for warm-weather eating with a beer in hand.

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