Julia Roberts Puts Her Hand Up to Stop Her ‘View’ Interview to Laud Whoopi Goldberg

Julia Roberts Puts Her Hand Up to Stop Her ‘View’ Interview to Laud Whoopi Goldberg

It's not often you see Whoopi Goldberg shocked by a guest's behavior on The View, but that's exactly what happened when Julia Roberts joined the show.

The actor appeared on the ABC daytime series on December 4 to promote her new movie, Leave the World Behind. As she shared her feelings about working on the project with Whoopi, Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, Sunny Hostinand, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Julia decided to put her hands up to stop her interview to shout-out Whoopi.

Julia shared that she spoke with her husband, cinematographer Danny Moder, on the phone earlier in the day, who happened to work with Whoopi on the film Ezra, and she had to let everyone know how incredible Whoopi was in the movie.

"I just want to say something because I have been talking about myself for a number of days," she announced toward the end of her interview. "I was on the phone with my husband this morning, who is a cinematographer, and he filmed this beautiful movie called Ezra, which Whoopi Goldberg is in. You are so doggone great in this movie!"

As folks witnessed Whoopi blush at the unexpected praise from the Golden Globe winner, Julia went on. She not only gave context about Whoopi's role in the film, but also lauded Whoopi for making what appeared to be a smaller role pivotal to the essence of the movie's main character.

"She's so great," Julia continued. "Bobby Cannavale plays a stand-up comedian and she plays his agent. But you give this masterclass in nuance in this part. You take this part that was probably, I don't know, 10 pages, and make it like, so critical to understanding him and just all of it. It was so great!"

Upon hearing Julia's praise for Whoopi on the air, it wasn't long before viewers commented about the interaction online. "Gosh I really love Julia, she's a beautiful person inside and out," one person wrote on YouTube. "Love Julia Roberts. Would love for her and Whoopi to do a film together," another agreed. "I love seeing how much Whoopi loves Julia... so nice to see friendships like that!!!" a different follower added.

Well, we think Whoopi and Julia should listen to their fans and get started on working together ASAP!

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