This Wildest Story On TikTok Right Now Is About This Woman Who Was Paying The Utilities For Her Entire Apartment Complex

I'm sure the title of this already got your attention, so let's not waste any time. Watch this video by a woman named Brooke Patterson and we will dissect:

In the video — which has over 5 million views — Brooke shares, "So, I just found out that I have been paying the utility bill for my entire apartment building since December 2021. I've been paying for everyone's heating, laundry, and lights, for over two fucking years!"

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"I called them and I was like, 'This seems really expensive,' and they were like, 'That's just how much it is.'" Finally, however, after going over things with the utility company, Brooke realized that after her ex moved out he didn't "cancel the service."

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The video ends there and, if you're like me, you're very confused with her explanation on how it happened. So, no fear! BuzzFeed got in contact with Brooke to get the deets on this unfortunate story.

The realization happened recently after there was a power outage at Brooke's apartment. She and her roommate went into troubleshooting mode by trying to reset breakers, check the city for outages, and more. "After having no luck, we contacted our landlord, which only added to the confusion. No electrical work was happening either. We checked with the neighbors; oddly enough, their power was working just fine."

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So, in an attempt to get answers, Brooke called the local power company in San Diego where she lives. "Plot twist: our power was shut off due to non-payment. This made no sense because we’ve always been diligent about making our payments," she said.

"Here's where it gets weirder: our names were nowhere to be found on the account. That’s when it hit us: my ex-boyfriend. My roommate asks, 'Is the account under [ex's name]?' The rep says, 'Yep.' Second plot twist: turns out, my ex never canceled the old account, and the power company put me on the wrong meter — the master meter for the whole complex. So, I've been footing the bill for the entire building since December 2021 (when my ex moved out)."

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Brooke said she was equally shocked and relieved because it finally explained the consistently high bills she had kept calling about (which were up to $400 a month). Luckily, the company is in the process of getting things situated in the complex, as well as reimbursing Brooke for her overpayment... It just might take some time since the backlog is over two years.

A lot of people were shocked that — for the 10 units in Brooke's apartment complex — she was only paying $300–$400 per month, especially with San Diego being a higher-priced city. But, maybe this is why Brooke didn't realize it for so long!

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There were also a lot of people who, unfortunately, had similar situations with be careful out there!

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Speaking of exes, Brooke said getting in contact with her ex is a saga on its own. "Post-breakup, he went radio silent —ghosting me AND our landlord every time we tried to hit him up about bills, lease stuff, etc. I couldn't even set up my own internet for a year and a half because he decided to not respond. When the internet finally got shut off, I had to go to Cox in person, lease in hand, to confirm he did not live there anymore. I practically had to beg for them to cancel his service. So, nope, I haven't broken the news to him about the utility scandal. [Ex’s name], if you’re reading this, surprise! Also, for the love of god, PLEASE change your mailing address. It’s been two years and I‘m still getting all of your mail."

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I am glad this story is ending happily and Brooke didn't go another day paying for nine units she didn't live in! Her three final pieces of advice are: "Talk to your neighbors. Always have EVERYONE in your household on the bills. And never move in with a man!"

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If you want to hear Brooke "blab about problematic exes," she writes songs about hers with her band called Daddy Band. You can check them out on TikTok, Instagram, OR listen on any streaming platform!