Kaia Gerber Gives Her New Chocolate Brunette Lengths The 'Liquid Hair' Treatment

kaia gerber brunette hair
Kaia Gerber Is All About 'Liquid Hair'Kaia Gerber Instagram

Glass, glazed, liquid - whatever you call it, ultra glossy lengths have been dominating our algorithms lately. And in yet more proof that the hair trend du jour is here to stay, Kaia Gerber has, too, opted for the high-shine effect this summer.

Debuting a new darker shade of brunette in a richer chocolate hue, the supermodel has made a convincing case for TikTok's favourite glass hair trend, with her long, poker straight and light-reflecting strands stealing focus in a recent Instagram post.

'Rich in tone, shiny, and healthy-looking, like an ultra gloss, this is a massive trend we are seeing in salons at the moment,' agrees Zoe Irwin, Creative Director for John Frieda. With many different monikers, the latest in the batch of glass hair trends is being coined 'glaze hair' and 'liquid brunette'.

'Liquid glass and glaze hair are gaining popularity for the simplicity factor; hair health is at an all-time high and this is the best colour in terms of not damaging the hair follicle,' adds Emilie Venturini, Gielly Green Signature Colourist. Think of it as hair that reflects the light, as seen on Gerber, with a completely closed, smooth cuticle and far less damage than your go-to highlights.

And it's perfect for brunettes. 'Darker shades and warm pigment will reflect the light and give you the glossiest results,' adds John Alfred at Hershesons Fitzrovia.

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Of course, shiny hair has always been the aim of the game when it comes to our hair. But with a laser focus on the importance of hair health of late - particularly, with the scalp and its precious skin barrier at the forefront - healthy-looking glossy hair has never been more covetable.

'Make-up trends have become more polished and self-care orientated and I think hair has followed,' says Irwin. 'After years of balayage brunettes, this super gloss - where the colour is the same from the roots to the ends - is naturally more modern.'

And if you're wondering just how to mirror Gerber's impressively shiny, near otherworldly hair, in-salon semi-permanent treatments are your best bet. 'Adding extra shine can be done by sealing the cuticle with an in-salon acidic gloss treatment; these treatments do not cause any damage and can be done once a month,' says Alfred.

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Kevin Winter/GA

Created by John Frieda, you can opt for the 'liquid brunette' gloss treatment in the London-based salon, which adds a mix of hydration with a deeply pigmented colour and top coat. 'After your treatment, the maintenance is simple, so listen to what your colourist recommends as there are home glazes and shine treatments such as the Redken Gloss Treatment, which you can use at home after the treatment,' says Irwin.

'Hydration is key when it comes to creating this look, so make sure you are using a moisturising mask once a week, and when styling, use a boar bristle round brush for optimum shine,' concludes Venturini.

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