Kaia Gerber's golden hour highlights are going to be everywhere this summer

While we're enjoying the playful return of Y2K streaky highlights, there is still room in our hair hearts for the yin to its yang(? Or is it the chalk to its cheese?). Where streaky highlights paint bold stripes in the hair, golden hour highlights do their best to pretend they're not there at all.

The artful colouring technique captures the way sunlight bathes the hair in a warm, soft glow during that precious fleeting sunset window of uber-flattering 'golden hour'. It allows the wearer to have that 'floated-to-earth-on-a-sun-beam' effect – and Kaia Gerber is a prime example. Just look at this new pic, posted by her hairstylist Kiley Fitzgerald:

The hue of her tousled brunette waves looks so natural and effortless, while still slyly benefitting from some clever colouring. The trend goes further than soft multi-tonal highlights, or subtle balayage, in that it's hard to identify where the colour is at all; to differentiate between dye, and light hitting the hair. Which is exactly the goal.

Given how popular the liquid brunette trend for dark hair has been over the winter, a trend that focuses on super subtle tone variation for gloss and depth, we're betting this summer will be dominated by golden hour highlights. It's the no-makeup makeup of hair, and ties in very naturally to the enduring 'clean girl' aesthetic.

Now if we could just find a way for our face to look like it was always golden hour...

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