Kaitlynn Carter shows off postpartum bump and shares 'no frills' recovery essentials

The Los Angeles-based influencer recently gave birth to her second child.

Kaitlynn Carter is sharing some postpartum recovery tips.

On Tuesday, the 34-year-old took to Instagram with a video showing off her postpartum baby bump less than a week after welcoming her newborn daughter with her boyfriend, Kristopher Brock, as well as sharing her "no frills" recovery essentials.

Carter and Brock — who already share a one-year-old son, Rowan — announced on Instagram back in October that they were expecting their second child together.

"First of all, my favourite thing is BumpSuit's waist trainer," she said in the clip while putting her postpartum bump on display. "Really, it's for abdominal support because right now, my whole abdomen pretty much feels like jello. It helped me a lot. I wore it last time, too."

Carter then showcased her "postpartum care" basket, which includes Frida Mom cooling pads, disposable underwear, witch hazel pad liners, Dermoplast numbing spray, maxi pads, Advil, Milkmoon Herbs postpartum tonic, Seed probiotics, Ritual postnatal vitamins, a peri bottle and Silverettes for in "between breastfeeding sessions."

"Postpartum recovery essentials," she penned in her caption. "A very no-frills breakdown of what's been most helpful to me as I heal from childbirth, both this time and last."

In the comments, fans thanked Carter for sharing her postpartum journey and advice for other new moms.

"More people need to talk about this," someone wrote alongside a clapping hands emoji.

"So helpful, babe!" another fan commented.

"Thank you for keeping it real and showing the true process of postpartum," one person added.

An Instagram user shared: "I think this is a great post!!! I've never seen a video like it. Thank you for sharing."

Carter announced the arrival of her baby daughter last weekend with a carousel of black-and-white photos taken at the hospital shortly after giving birth.

"And then there were five," she captioned that post.

In January, fans praised the blogger for sharing "adorable and wholesome" beach photos of her baby bump in a "traditional" fashion.

"Kris has a mild disdain for cliché photography, but I really wanted just one traditional posed pregnancy shot, so he indulged me," Carter captioned her sun-kissed photos. "Then, a kind woman at the resort insisted we take a photo together and, although none of them came out in focus, I'm so glad she insisted because they're pretty funny and make for good memories."

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