Kate Garraway reveals she never feels husband Derek Draper is 'safe' in emotional update on his health

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Kate Garraway is now a carer for husband Derek Draper who has been living with health consequences after he contracted COVID-19 back in 2020 and now requires around-the-clock-care.

During an appearance on the Emotionally Speaking podcast with host Peter Leonard, Kate confessed that she never felt her husband was "safe" and that any hospital visit could be when he passes away. "I think he's had a big emotional struggle," she said. "One of the challenges with Derek is we've never felt like he is safe, so every infection and rush back to hospital might be the moment he is taken from us.

"We are still hopeful he will improve but we have no clear timeline on this."

Kate also spoke about her "heartbreak" over watching him. "When he wakes up in the morning it is heartbreaking," the mum-of-two explained. "Because it feels as though you are watching someone who may have been inhabiting his old life in his dreams. And then he wakes up and you see the cloud descend of the battle he has ahead."

Kate Garraway smiling alongside her husband Derek Draper and her family
Derek has been dealing with health issues since 2020 (Instagram)

However, the star did have some positives to share as she revealed Derek was able to say more words and that "his voice is stronger" even joking she could occasionally hear his Chorley accent.

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Physically, Derek still has struggles with Kate saying that he couldn't sit upright without help and the host said Derek's brain is now his "enemy" after having previously been an "ally".

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Kate spoke movingly about her husband (Getty)

Last week, Derek ended up being taken to hospital, with Kate opening up about the experience on Loose Women as she reassurred viewers it was a "positive" visit following a referral and that he shouldn't be in for "too long".

"He's actually back in hospital at the moment, I haven't talked about this," she explained. "But not for horrific drama, fortunately.

Kate Garraway smiling at her husband Derek Draper dressed in black
Kate spoke of soem of Derek's recent health improvements (Shutterstock)

"There have been lots of referrals and cancellations and he's gone back in for something that he began last year which he needed the second part of which will hopefully mean he has more movement of his contractions. So it's a positive hospital thing but hopefully, he won't be in for too long."

This isn't the first time Kate has opened up about her husband's condition in recent months. Speaking to Metro at the Pride of Britain Awards back in October, the journalist revealed that her husband was "not doing great".

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Kate's husband has ups and downs with his health (Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

The couple share two teenage children together, Darcey and Billy, who have both been dealing with their "own traumas" as a result of their father's illness.

During an appearance on This Morning, Kate touched on how her children have been coping. "He is most alive when they're around," she said. "They are unbelievable. I haven't really talked a lot about them in some ways, but they've had their own traumas and it's not my story to tell."

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The presenter is a beloved part of the GMB team (Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

The broadcaster continued: "So maybe one day they'll tell it, I want to try and protect them in that way, but they've been amazing with him in their different ways. They're so intuitive and it is love, I guess, isn't it."

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