Kate Middleton Gets an Unsolicited Makeover

Total BeautyJuly 13, 2012

Let me start by saying I think the commoner-turned-duchess is stunning, and please let the royal record show that I love her just as much as I love pie. But I've got to make just one observation: Girlfriend needs some variety.

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She changes up her wardrobe flawlessly, but her makeup remains identical day in and day out. From the royal wedding to Hollywood's red carpet to last week's Wimbledon, Kate's makeup philosophy seems to be that old cliché, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." While there's some genius in that beauty motto, I am also dying to see, say, a red statement lip or (gasp!) a dark purple eyeshadow on the Duchess. Thankfully, the Daily Mail seems to agree with me and gave the Duchess a huge makeover -- digitally.

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Using a face-recognition technology, the program gives you the choice of 450 different products that can create 4,000 different makeup looks. Here's hoping the Duchess takes a cue from this unsolicited makeover and experiments a little. But if she doesn't, at least you can give her (or yourself!) one at www.marksandspencer.com.

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