Kate Middleton Has Surprise Royal Update Following King Charles' Cancer Diagnosis

kate middleton at charity event
Kate Middleton Shares Surprise Royal UpdateFRANK AUGSTEIN - Getty Images

Kate Middleton may be pausing her royal duties for the time being as she recovers from surgery, but that hasn’t stopped her from giving us an update (of sorts).

The Princess of Wales, who is now out of hospital and back home in Windsor, has seen her official bio on the Royal Family website updated.

As well as a more recent picture of Kate for the lead image (taken from when she met the Windrush Cymru Elders in Cardiff), the updated website also shares more details about her extensive charity work and campaigning.

As well as her work at the Royal Foundation’s Centre for Early Childhood, Kate has also worked on issues such as children’s mental health, her work on the Heads Together campaign, and the other charities she is a royal patron in.

Kate’s bio also explores her interests in sport and visual arts.

It’s not just Kate’s bio on the website that’s seen a refresh; Prince William’s bio has been updated, with a fresh picture and more updates on his recent charitable endeavours.

Determined not to be left out George, Charlotte and Louis’s bios have also received a snazzy refresh with updated pictures, with the new snaps being the ones previously released to celebrate their birthdays last year.

kate middleton prince william george charlotte and louis all attend sandringham church
Samir Hussein - Getty Images

The Royal Family website has been gradually updated following the death of Queen Elizabeth II in 2022.

A spokesperson previously explained that, with over 5000 pages about the royals on the website, updates will be made slowly to reflect the latest information.

The update comes after Kate was forced to stay in hospital for two weeks last month in order to recover from abdominal surgery.

The palace did not specify further details as to what the surgery was for (only that it was successful) and asked that the public be respectful towards her family at this time.

While Kate will continue to recover at home, a previous statement from the Palace confirmed that the Princess of Wales was 'unlikely to return to public duties until after Easter.' Easter falls on 31 March this year.

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