Kawhi Leonard shows off his Mandarin in postgame interview

It’s no secret that Toronto Raptors superstar Kawhi Leonard is a man of few words. Based on his chat with an ESPN China reporter following Toronto’s 120-102 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks, that holds true in both English and Mandarin.

When asked what he’d like to say to his fans about the way he played in Game 4 of the East Finals at Scotiabank Arena, the 27-year-old simply responded with two words.

“Ni hao!” he said while looking into the camera and letting out a bit of a giggle.

“Is that ‘hi’?” he asked the reporter moments after walking out of frame.

Following three straight games of at least 31 points to begin the series, Leonard only had to put up 19 in 34 minutes of action as Toronto, with the help of their bench finally showing some life, evened up their best of-seven series 2-2.

Nonetheless, he’s the team’s star attraction and if the Raptors continue their march towards the NBA Finals, he may have to learn how to say “hello” in a few more languages as the eyes of the basketball world descend on him and Toronto.

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