Kay Burley ‘woke up covered in blood’ in horror accident that could have taken her life

Sky News presenter Kay Burley has revealed gory details about a horror accident that left her “covered in blood” and almost cost her her life.

The straight-talking host, 63, said she fainted in the shower in June last year, forcing her to miss her breakfast show on the news channel.

In a new interview with The Times, the broadcaster, who has been open about her health issues, revealed that the accident means that she is at pains to ensure she has a more considered wake-up routine.

“The sitting up, taking a breath and putting all the lights on is very, very important, because last year I jumped out of bed and, next thing, I woke up covered in blood on the bathroom floor,” she said.

“I take medicine to lower my blood pressure and the menopause lowers it further still. Who knew? I got out of bed too quickly and just passed out in the shower.”

Although Burley survived the incident with some bruising to her eye, she was told by medical professionals that she could have died had the circumstances been slightly different.

“Luckily I hit my head on the wall as I went down because the doctor said if I’d hit the door jamb it would have been Goodnight Vienna.

The Sky News powerhouse has been vocal about other medical issues, including a breast cancer scare a few years ago.

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While she was given the all-clear, she has been told by doctors that she has an 80 per cent chance of suffering from the disease.

“My family history is not great for longevity, so I’m always reminding myself. I just don’t know how long I’ve got,” she said in the same interview with The Times.

The illness, which has taken the lives of her mother, grandmother, and aunt, has also affected her younger sister Jacqueline, who was diagnosed with it last year.

“She’s my kid sister, she’s got three grandchildren under three and, to be honest, I wish I had it instead of her. I would rather it was me than her,” Burley said.

Burley shared an update on her sister’s treatment on Instagram last month, as she said that, after an operation, Jacqueline is “as strong as an ox”.