Kelly Clarkson admits her 37 pound weight loss comes at a cost: 'It's really expensive to do'

Kelly Clarkson tells it like it is.

Kelly Clarkson

The Grammy-award singer and star of “The Voice” recently revealed that she’s lost 37 pounds by changing her diet and eating clean.

However, Clarkson’s transformation wasn’t fuelled by vanity. The singer and mother-of-two admitted during an appearance on the Today Show” that she’s been suffering from an auto-immune disorder since 2006.

After reading The Plant Paradox, Clarkson says the weight began to come off.

Hoda Kotb and Kelly Clarkson.

“I don’t work out. I mean, I should, [for my] heart and stuff. I do wine instead,” she told “Today Show” host, Hoda Kotb. “Honestly, it’s the same stuff you eat, I just use different ingredients. I still have, like, cake. Like, literally, I still have everything the same as I did, even, like, fried chicken, but I use, like, casoid flour, tapioca, or almond flour. And I use, like, non-hormone chicken.”

In her candid, no-nonsense style, Clarkson was sure to reiterate the impact the weight loss has had on her health.

“Here’s the best part, y’all. It’s not even the weight. I mean, I know the industry loves the weight gone, but for me it wasn’t really the weight, for me it was [that] I’m not on my medicine anymore,” Clarkson said. “My blood work came back and I haven’t been on my medicine since, like, February.”

Clarkson is a judge on “The Voice.”

Another reason to love Clarkson? The star admits that eating healthfully is incredibly expensive – and not a luxury everyone can afford.

Honestly, I’m going to be real with you. It’s really expensive to do. I wish the government would really back humanity on this because it’s really, really hard to find [ingredients],” she said. “I was poor growing up, there’s no way my family could have afforded this. It helps out so much with health. Like I said, my auto-immune disease is, like, gone. And I’m, like, 37 pounds lighter!”

The singer has a valid point.  A new study recently revealed that Americans in a low-income household would have to allocate 70 per cent of their food budget just to fruits and vegetables to meet national dietary guidelines for healthy eating.

Kelly Clarkson recently revealed she lost 37 pounds.

Given the shelf-life of fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s no wonder why struggling families opt to spend their money on less healthy options.

Hopefully KC’s healthy eating message will reach the right people and more affordable solutions can be created- but we won’t hold our breath. At this rate we’d have a better chance at winning “American Idol.”

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