Kelly Ripa Celebrated Madonna's Final Madison Square Garden Show in the Best Way

She joined the musician on stage for an iconic dance routine.



It was a BFF reunion for Kelly Ripa and Madonna last night, where the beloved talk show host surprised the iconic musician on stage at her final Madison Square Garden show in New York City. Ripa was sitting in the front row (appropriate!), but Madonna pulled her onto the stage to help judge the backup dancers' vogueing skills — all set to the star's 1990 hit "Vogue," of course.

Being the good sport that she is, Ripa gave all the dancers perfect 10s. During their time together, the duo hugged and shared a few sweet moments. Madonna was dressed to perform in a corset top with embellished silver nipples and Ripa was in a jumpsuit with a fluttery fuchsia belt.

"I’ve had a 40 year relationship with Madonna — in my mind, to be clear. But last night, something happened that I can’t really put into words. Should we just show it? I just want to show you what happened last night," she said this morning during Live with Kelly and Mark. She also revealed she was still wearing the makeup that she had on from the concert.

Kelly Ripa attends Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour in 2008.
Kelly Ripa attends Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour in 2008.

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Ripa also shared with whom she attended the concert, and, obviously, it sounds like a dream group chat. Mark Consuelos, Demi Moore, Anderson Cooper, and Andy Cohen were all present and accounted for alongside Ripa.

"We're kind of like Madonna's groupie posse," she said before Consuelos added that they're Madonna's "oldest groupies in the world."

"They’re like, 'You’re going to go on stage with Madonna.' And at that point, I, Kelly Ripa, died," Ripa said of her time in the spotlight. "And so the ghost of Kelly is now walking over. And I’m hearing words and they’re not really making sense. 'She’s going to give you a football. You’re going to have cards in your hands. Things are going to happen.' And I am just sort of going, 'Why are you talking to me? I died. Shouldn’t the paramedics come?'"

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