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Kelly Ripa uses a dry brush on her skin every day: This one from Amazon is a steal for $9 — that's over 50% off

This beauty tool used to exfoliate skin and stimulate blood flow has more than 12,000 fans.

We can't get enough of Kelly Ripa — from her dazzling pearly whites and gorgeous golden locks to her infectious laugh and too-cute relationship with her husband and Live! With Kelly and Mark co-host and everything in between. We'll do just about anything she suggests and try anything she recommends. So when she said dry brushing is part of her daily beauty routine, we scoured Amazon for the best one we could find — and that's the Scala Dry Brushing Body Brush. It garners over 12,000 5-star Amazon reviews and you can get it for just $9, down from $19 (over 50% off), right now.

With an ergonomically designed handle to fit comfortably in your hand, this brush has firm but gentle boar bristles to exfoliate and soften your skin.

$9 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

The price of this dry brush goes up and down throughout the year and while we have seen the price lower for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we don't expect the price to drop again for another few months.

Why do I need this?

Ripa, 53, goes to town on her body with a dry brush every day. If you haven't heard of dry brushing, you rub a soft brush on your skin to help exfoliate it to unclog pores and make it softer. But it does even more than just make your skin pretty. According to the Cleveland Clinic, it can also help with circulation.

“Your skin is such a huge organ,” Ripa explained to Prevention. “I do a good vigorous brush of my entire body. I brush up towards my heart and down towards my hands.”

Ripa said she got the idea from another superstar with envy-worthy skin.

"In the morning I will do a dry body brush, mainly because I read that Elle McPherson does a dry body brush and her body is just at a whole other level," she said in an interview with Glamour.

But she also talked to an expert about its benefits.

"Dr. Gioffre, who's this great anti-inflammation specialist that I see in New York, also told me about dry body brushing for inflammation ... you really need to stimulate [your skin] every day."

When she's done with the dry brush, she jumps in the shower to cleanse with Dove’s Beauty Bara favorite of Kim Cattrall's, too.

'I read that Elle McPherson does a dry body brush and her body is just at a whole other level,' said the Live! With Kelly and Mark star.
'I read that Elle McPherson does a dry body brush and her body is just at a whole other level,' said the "Live! With Kelly and Mark" star. (Getty/Amazon)

What reviewers say

More than 12,000 shoppers rave about this dry brush.

"If you’re not dry brushing, you’re not living!" shared a happy shopper. "I never thought I’d be a proponent of something so goopy but this thing is really effective. When I use it I can see little puffs of dead skin cells coming off. Great stimulating feeling afterward too. I don’t know if it’s draining my lymph nodes or whatnot but it seems to be helping with my dry bumpy skin."

"I have lymphedema/Lipedema and have done dry brushing for a few years," another five-star fan wrote. "My PT told me about this product and now uses it for my therapy. I purchased one for my home care and love it! So easy to use and it really moves the skin gently and is perfect for the care of my skin."

"My friend recommended a dry brush to help counter ingrown hairs from waxing," wrote a beauty enthusiast. "I didn’t think I’d see any puffs of dead skin cells because I stay hydrated and moisturize often. I was wrong! The ingrown hairs are already starting to come to the surface. Another benefit I’ve noticed in a short amount of time is that my arm acne is going away (never went away after pregnancies) and the skin feels smoother. I am happy with this purchase."

"Bumpy skin is disappearing!" gushed a rave reviewer. "I really like this product and can see a difference in the areas I use it on. The only thing is that it has left bruises on the more sensitive areas, to me this is not a big deal, I felt like I was applying pressure so it was working ... all you have to do is use less pressure."

This beauty tool can be used to exfoliate skin and stimulate blood flow.

$9 at Amazon

Want to make your skin feel even softer? Mini Driver highly endorses Palmer's Cocoa Butter. The Speechless star said, "I've used [it] since I was a kid. ... I use it on my elbows, my heels, my feet, my knees. It's incredible for sunburn. God forbid, you get a sunburn. And it's just deeply, deeply hydrating. It's super inexpensive and remarkably effective."

This solid lotion promises to soften and smooth your skin and it's good for all skin types. More than 23,000 Amazon shoppers love it!

$8 at Amazon

"Wonderful!" gushed another rave reviewer. "The best lotion for the dry winter season I’ve found! I was having really dry hands that were getting painful hang nails due to overwashing, and after just putting it on once, the discomfort from the dryness and pain from the sores faded to basically nothing!"

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