Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny Are Reportedly Seeing Each Other But ‘Not Fully Back Together’

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny are kind of back on again, to the surprise of none of Jenner’s friends. A source spoke to Us Weekly about where Jenner and Bunny stand two months after their November breakup. Those close to Jenner still aren’t convinced Bunny is a great long-term prospect for her, the insider added, but approve so long as he’s good to her.

“Kendall’s friends aren’t surprised whatsoever that she’s seeing Bad Bunny again,” the source began. “They figured this would happen because she has a habit of going back to exes. It’s not the type of situation where they’re fully back together, but they have hung out a few times since breaking up last month.”

For Jenner’s friends, “at the end of the day, if she’s happy, then of course they support her and whoever she decides to date,” the source said. “They’re still not convinced he’s The One for her, but if he treats her well then they’re good with it.”

Us Weekly first reported on her friends’ doubts about Bunny before the split. On November 16, a source told the outlet, “Kendall’s friends don’t think she’ll be with Bad Bunny forever. Despite the breakup rumors, they are still seeing each other, but [Kendall’s pals] don’t see a huge spark between them or any long-term potential. If Kendall’s happy, then they’re happy for her, but they’ve seen her happier before in past relationships.”

They called out Jenner’s last relationship with Devin Booker, whom she dated for over two years, as an example of a better match for her. (Booker and Jenner broke up definitively in fall 2022.) “Truth be told, some of them are secretly hoping she gets back together with Devin again,” that insider said. “That’s who they feel suited her the best and who made her feel the happiest in their opinion.”

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