Kendall Jenner Is Getting Absurdly Misogynistic Backlash for Wearing a See-Through, Nipple-Revealing White Dress on Insta

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Kendall's Getting Absurd Backlash for This DressDon Arnold - Getty Images

Kendall Jenner was minding her own business on her own Instagram account a couple days ago, and decided to post some photos from her new campaign with FWRD—featuring her lounging in a completely see-through white dress. Which...apparently was an issue for some of her followers?

Despite the fact that Kendall is literally doing her job as a model / Creative Director of FWRD, this photo has over 23k comments—many of which are critical of the fact that her dress is sheer.

Comments on this post are truly too misogynistic to quote in full, but include people shaming Kendall for revealing her body, saying she has "no self respect" and is an "attention getter," and threatening to report the post to Instagram if she doesn't remove it. Basically, absurd.

That said, there are some supportive comments hitting back at all the backlash against Kendall, and as one person put it "why are y'all like this? she is a model and this is what a lot of models do. she probably has self respect and what she wears shows no reflection of if she does or not. leave the damn woman alone."

At this point, Kendall hasn't commented on the ridiculous response to this photo. But she and her family are gearing up for the third season of The Kardashians on Hulu, which drops in May and is expected to be pretty dramatic. Check out a full trailer below:

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