'It's not real': Fans are accusing Kendall Jenner of altering her now infamous Skims lingerie photo

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Kendall Jenner is speaking out after going viral for her latest Instagram photo. (Image via Getty Images)
Kendall Jenner is speaking out after going viral for her latest Instagram photo. (Image via Getty Images)

The Kardashian-Jenner family is no stranger to Photoshop fails. The reality-TV family has been called out for more photo-editing mishaps that it's nearly impossible to keep track. Unfortunately, their latest blunder — courtesy of Kendall Jenner — is one that fans are not letting slide.

On Feb. 12, the 25-year-old model took to social media to share a lingerie selfie taken while shooting a Skims campaign alongside her sisters, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. The photo quickly went viral, but not for the reasons she had probably hoped.

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Initially, fans seemed engrossed by Jenner's thin, signature runway model figure. Followers quickly took to Twitter suggesting that the photo could be harmful to girls and women who look up to her and scolded her for setting unrealistic beauty standards for her impressionable fan base.

"I don't know who needs to hear this but stop comparing yourself to Kendall Jenner," one person tweeted. "She has money, surgery, lighting, photographers, editors, nutritionists, personal trainers, makeup artists etc. You have an iPhone camera. She looks unreal but that’s her job."

The conversation snowballed so much that Jenner, herself, tweeted, trying to empathize with her fans and soften the blow.

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"I am an extremely lucky girl. appreciative of all that I have. But I want you to know i have bad days too and that I hear you! You are beautiful just the way you are! It’s not always as perfect as it may seem," she wrote.

While her message may have come from a good place, it didn't do much to quiet the chatter online. Fans continued to voice their concerns, with some even as skinny-shaming the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star.

As the photo continued to make its rounds online, however, fans have now alleged that the photo must be digitally altered.

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"The Kardashians are the most insecure women in the world. Kendall Jenner having to Photoshop and plastic surgery herself into barely even looking like a human woman anymore because she so desperately desires external validation," one fan tweeted.

"Even Kendall Jenner doesn’t look like Kendall Jenner If you think the Kardashians look that way naturally and not as a result of mass wealth, surgery, Photoshop, personal chefs and personal trainers then I’m sorry but I don't know what to tell you," someone else wrote. "It's not real, please - you're all so beautiful just as you are."

Photo via @problematicfame Instagram
Photo via @problematicfame Instagram

The theory became so popular, that the Instagram account Problematic Fame shared a technical analysis of the photo, pointing out irregularities that may be evidence of Photoshop.

"Kendall is obviously very gorgeous but these are not her real body proportions nor are they anybody’s," the user wrote. "Please don’t compare yourself to heavily edited images. Even Kendall doesn’t look like this [in real life]."

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