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Kendall Jenner's teeth-whitening pen is just $20 at Amazon

This on-the-go whitener has a vanilla mint flavor, and it also happens to be vegan.

Sparkling white teeth are a must for every celebrity, but the Kardashian family is letting us in on the action with their own version of a whitening pen. The good news: You can get it on Amazon. The great news is that it's just $20. That's right, the Moon Teeth Whitening Pen Elixir III by Kendall Jenner is an A-list level product available on your favorite shopping platform for a reasonable price. Between that and those newly whitened teeth, you'll have a few reasons to smile.

This on-the-go whitener has a vanilla mint flavor, and it also happens to be vegan.

$20 at Amazon

There's a lot to like about this pen — especially if you've tried some of the teeth-whitening goop and gadgets on the market right now. The good stuff can cost a lot, and the bad stuff might leave you with aching teeth. Amazon shoppers say the Moon Whitening Pen does a fantastic job of cleaning up stains, and fast.

"A lot of my front teeth are built up with composite, and there are little lines between the composite and the real tooth that collect color," shared an impressed shopper. "After just a few times using this, the lines have almost completely faded! It's noticeably whitened my teeth after just a couple of days."

Not only do shoppers love how it brightens their smiles, but they're also fans of its vanilla mint flavor.

"I am very much enjoying this product," raved a reviewer. "I've been using it for a couple of weeks now, and it works very well and quickly. I've noticed in other whitening tools that the taste is very unpleasant, but this Moon Whitening Pen doesn't taste bad at all."

Some shoppers see room for improvement.

"This isn't the fastest whitening product ever, but it actually does a lot better than I expected," wrote one shopper who added: "I wish there were more uses since it runs out pretty fast and I don't want to have to buy it all the time."

kendall jenner and the Moon teeth whitening pen with packaging																																																																																																																												Teeth winbt
Attaining whiter teeth doesn't need to feel like a moonshot. (Amazon)

Shoppers also gush about this pen's portability, as well as its ability to make them photo-ready. "I love owning a product that I can depend on every single day to make my smile appearance 110% better," wrote an excited five-star fan. "I don't have to wait more than 30 seconds to see that my smile is whiter than it was before applying the Moon gel. I can keep it in my lunch bag, purse and pretty much carry it with me in my pocket if I needed to."

It has even won over a few skeptics: "I was skeptical about this product because I have used other whitening products in the past that irritated my teeth and caused sensitivity, but the Moon Teeth Whitening Pen did not have the same issue for me," shared a convert. "In fact, it was way easier to use and whitened my teeth so quickly."

"I am not a fan of anything Kardashian, so when I received this I was skeptical," shared a shocked shopper. "This does actually work! I have subscribed to get this product once every six weeks because I can't go without it!"

$20 at Amazon

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