Kensington Palace Is Not Confirming Kate Middleton’s Attendance at Trooping the Colour

Kensington Palace Is Not Confirming Kate Middleton’s Attendance at Trooping the Colour

Kensington Palace has barely said anything about Kate Middleton’s recovery since it was announced in January that she had undergone abdominal surgery and would not appear publicly for months. However, this morning a Palace official was compelled to address the Princess’s return to work after the UK’s Ministry of Defence jumped the gun with an announcement about her appearing.

The MOD put out information about Trooping the Colour, the King’s annual official birthday parade, which this year will be held on Saturday, June 15, with rehearsals on June 1 and June 8. In it, they advertised that the Princess of Wales will review the troops on June 8 and invited people to book tickets.

However, as soon as it was suggested that Kate will definitely be appearing, Kensington Palace made it clear that the MOD does not speak for her. T&C understands that the Palace was not consulted on the announcement and Kate’s attendance will not be confirmed until the Palace makes it clear she is going.

In their original announcement about her abdominal surgery, which took place on January 17, Kensington Palace said that Kate would not appear until after Easter. There has been no revision of this timeframe and T&C understands that there are no plans to update the public much before then on when she will resume public engagements.

Nevertheless her long absence from the public eye has led to much speculation, particularly on social media. This week she was photographed in a car alongside her mum Carole in images that were published in the U.S. although not in U.K media.

Today’s announcement about Trooping the Colour also raises questions about the King’s attendance at the event on June 15. As Sovereign he would be expected to review the troops, however he is currently unable to carry out public engagements due to treatment for an unspecified form of cancer.

The fact that two such senior royals are absent from engagements is an unusual situation and one that has placed more onus on Queen Camilla and Prince William to keep the show on the road. While William has made it clear that he is prioritizing being there for his family, he has resumed some duties. Camilla has been busy but is taking a break this week.

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