Canadian influencer calls out how the 'perfect body' has changed over time: 'Absurd'

Kenzie Brenna is showing fans how "body trends" have changed over the last seven decades.

On Tuesday, the Canadian influencer took to Instagram to share a video that compared beauty ideals from the 1950s until now.

For example, in the 1950s Brenna explained that "a little bit of curve" with a "larger bust" was sought after, whereas in the '60s, "ultra hyper slim" was the new ideal.

In the '70s and '80s athletic bodies were praised, while in the '90s having "angular bone structure" was considered beautiful. In the 2000s, "breast implants, thigh gaps, and a muscular, slim stomach" were all the rage, according to Brenna.

The 32-year-old body image advocate paired the clip with a caption explaining that although the world is "hungry for realness," people are still abiding by recognized beauty standards.

"I think it’s so important to remember that everything we like today is a trend, and I’m curious where the trends will go in the next few decades. I would love to hope that we make real, unaltered, bodies glorious, cellulite, rolls, stretch marks, hair, scars — all of it," she penned. "I do think that time is eventually coming, I feel like on one hand, people are so so hungry for realness, and on the other, I feel as if people are so absorbed in trying to look like a cookie-cutter version of what we currently find beautiful."

The Toronto-based Instagrammer's message was met with supportive comments that thanked the influencer for speaking out about the "messed up" beauty standards.

"It's so messed up and absurd that women's bodies have to become trends in the first place when men don't face the same volume of pressures to look a certain way," commented a follower. "I hope the next trend is no trend."

Someone else pointed out: "Back in the day (way back), the bigger the better! It was a sign of wealth and being fed. Thanks for such a great reminder that bodies are not trendy."

"Just average people of all shapes and sizes please! What even is a perfect body," someone else chimed in, while another added: "Bodies should never be a trend and I hate that it’s a thing. All bodies are different and that’s beautiful. Love this!"

"This is such an important conversation," another said.

Last week, Brenna opened up about her relationship with the gym.

The influencer took the opportunity to explain to her 387,000 followers that she works out for enjoyment and not to please others.

"I don’t go to the gym to make myself smaller. I don’t go to the gym to shame myself. I don’t go to the gym because you think I should. I go to the gym for me," she wrote.

"...Reclaim getting sweaty with yourself. Reclaim these parts of you that have been taken away by a thin obsessed world. Going to the gym/movement classes are great to manage stress, keep mobility, for your cardiovascular system, to help regulate hormones and so much more," Brenna added.

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