Influencer Kenzie Brenna's TikTok video criticizing Toronto is sparking debate online

Kenzie Brenna opened up about her reasons for leaving Toronto behind for good.

Influencer Kenzie Brenna sparked debate online by sharing her thought about Toronto. Images via TikTok/@kenziebrenna.
Influencer Kenzie Brenna sparked debate online by sharing her thought about Toronto. Images via TikTok/@kenziebrenna.

Love it or hate it, Toronto just can't seem to stay out of the spotlight.

Influencer Kenzie Brenna recently sparked debate online about Toronto this week after posting a minute-long video on TikTok, where she shared her disdain for Canada's largest city.

The video was posted in response to a comment on one of Brenna's previous videos, in which she shared that her current city of Vancouver was "not [her] forever hunni."

Despite feeling like "something is off" about Vancouver, Brenna revealed that she never felt at home in Toronto either.

"I hate Toronto," the 33-year-old admitted. "I left because I hated Toronto."

"Toronto pretends like it's the Canadian version of New York — it's not. New York is superior in so many ways," she added.

The Vancouver-based influencer went on to share her opinions on Toronto's "laughingstock" of a transit system, its crumbling condos and the city's residents.

"Toronto is extremely expensive, has an awful transit system, and there are also people with attitude there," she concluded.

Brenna's video sparked discussion in the comments on both the drawbacks and benefits of Toronto as a whole, with many TikTok users coming to its defence.

"You realize how great Toronto really is when you move to the U.S.," penned one TikTok user. "The TTC is great compared to other cities, and the diversity."

"I was born and raised here, so maybe that's why I love it so much. It's just home to me," shared another.

"Toronto is an amazing city! Not perfect, but the diversity, food and people cannot be beat," added a third.

Others agreed with Brenna, who thought that she was "spitting facts" when sharing her critiques.

"Only people in Toronto are impressed by Toronto," shared one person.

"Idolized Toronto growing up, moved right back home," added another.

"As a Toronto born native I agree with your critiques. The pandemic killed Toronto's vibe post 2019," penned a third.

When a TikTok user asked her desired city in Canada to live, Brenna admitted that she is "still not sure."

"[I'm] still young and figuring out my life," she replied.

Yahoo Canada has reached out to Brenna.

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