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Best keto meal delivery services of 2024, tested and expert approved

Stick to your keto diet with the best delivery meal kit options from Factor, Hello Fresh, Home Chef and more—tested and reviewed by experts.

Best keto meal delivery services of 2024, tested and expert approved

In the quest for optimal health, the ketogenic, or "keto," diet has proved to be a popular choice for those looking to lose weight, improve mental clarity and boost energy. First introduced in 1921 to help treat epilepsy patients, the diet consists of high healthy-fat intake, with moderate protein and low carbohydrate consumption. While the diet has been shown to promote weight loss and improve overall health for some people, the struggle often lies in meal preparation, which can be time-consuming and complex, especially when adjusting to a new, restricted diet regime. One such way to overcome the hurdles of exploring the keto diet is by experimenting with the best keto meal kit delivery services. Weekly meal deliveries offer a convenient solution that makes adhering to a keto diet much simpler.

Quick Overview
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The meals are designed (often by chefs and dietitians) to provide pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes, making sticking to a keto diet easier, while already-prepared alternatives offer effortless convenience. The weekly meal deliveries also eliminate the need for grocery shopping and meal planning, offering a level of convenience that's particularly appealing for those who lead busy lives, which is most of us nowadays.

As a multi-certified personal trainer and nutritionist, I have made it my life’s work to help people achieve a more healthy, balanced and active lifestyle. To help you find the best keto meal delivery services to help you stick to your nutritional goals, our team researched and tested 15 keto meal kits and pre-made meals and rated each based on cost, variety of meals offered, freshness of ingredients, eco-friendly sourcing and packaging, and ease of use. Our goal is to provide you with accurate, up-to-date information that can assist you in your journey toward a healthier lifestyle. Read on to explore the top-rated keto meal kits and their unique features and benefits. Remember, the best meal kit for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Always speak to your doctor first when making a drastic change to your normal diet, read reviews and consider your own dietary requirements before making a decision.

Price: $11-$13.50 per meal/serving | Meals arrive: Fully prepared | Variety: 35+ weekly menu options | Dietary choices: Keto, carb-conscious, vegan or vegetarian, calorie-smart, protein plus

Factor stands out as the best overall keto meal kit due to its focus on ensuring nutritious meals that taste great, thanks to gourmet chefs, and a consistently fresh menu of single-serving meals created under the guidance of registered dietitians. Factor is a convenient meal delivery service with freshly prepared and ready-to-eat meals delivered straight to your doorstep. The meals are never frozen, ensuring optimal nutrition and taste.

Factor's keto meals contain at least 60% of calories from fat, around 20% of calories from protein, and 10% or less of calories from carbohydrates, aligning with the typical macronutrient distribution of the ketogenic diet. The company also provides meals catering to other dietary guidelines and preferences, such as Vegan & Veggie, Calorie Smart and Protein Plus, which you can choose from if someone else in your household wants to order along with you but is not on a keto diet. You can choose from six to 18 meals per week, with more than 35 meal options available each week.

One of Factor's standout features is its complimentary 20-minute virtual nutrition coaching session. This session, conducted by expert dietitians, allows customers to ask nutrition-related questions, set personalized dietary goals, and equip themselves for success. If you are interested in learning more about the keto diet and your nutritional options, the added value of a professional consultation enhances the overall Factor experience, making it more than just a meal delivery service.

Factor meals cost between $11 and $13.50 per serving, depending on your chosen meal plan. For instance, ordering 18 meals per week would cost around $198 to $243. The cost may be less if you have a promotional code.

Factor also prioritizes sustainability with its packaging. Most of the packaging materials are recyclable, including the food trays made from BPA-free plastic.

Read our full review on Factor, and how it holds up in 2024.

  • Quick prep, with most meals ready in under three minutes
  • Meals are fresh and never frozen
  • Cold-pressed juices, smoothies, breakfasts and snack add-ons
  • Meals must be consumed within seven days
$11-$13.50 per meal/serving at Factor

Price: $10 - $13 per serving, plus $10 shipping fee | Meals arrive: Meal kits and prepared meals | Variety: 100+ recipes to choose from each week | Dietary choices: Family-friendly, plant-based and vegetarian, Quick & Easy (under 30 minutes), Fit & Wholesome (around 650 calories per serving)

HelloFresh is a top-rated meal kit delivery service that earns our top pick for families due to its variety, affordability and customization. While it doesn't specifically cater to the keto diet, you can create keto-friendly meals by swapping proteins or side dishes, and its low-carb menu options provide a great jumping-off point. You can choose meals from a broad range of dietary options, including Meat & Veggie, Veggie/Plant-Based, Pescatarian, Quick & Easy, Family-Friendly and Fit & Wholesome (meals under 650 calories).

Each week, customers can choose from over 100 meal options, so you’re sure to see regular rotation and variety in the menu that will satisfy most tastes and dietary preferences, making it an excellent choice for those with specific nutritional needs or those who appreciate variety in their meals.

The meal kits are cost-effective, starting at $10.42 per serving for four people. A standard order of three meals per week for four people, including shipping, costs $125. But there are several box options, depending on your needs and household. You can order up to four servings per meal and up to six meals per week. HelloFresh often offers significant discounts to first-time customers, making it an affordable option for those wanting to try out the service.

The kits provide premeasured ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes, making meal preparation straightforward, enjoyable and typically easy enough to get your kids involved. However, sometimes the meals take a bit longer than suggested on the recipe cards.

HelloFresh emphasizes reducing food waste and offers generous portions, which is a plus for those who appreciate having leftovers for the next day's lunch or dinner. Packaging is eco-friendly and designed to ensure that each delivery produces fewer carbon emissions.

  • Offers a wide variety of meal options
  • Highly customizable, allowing for more keto-friendly meals
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Premium meals come at an extra cost
$10 - $13 per serving at Hello Fresh

Price: $9.69-$11.39 per serving (plus the cost of groceries) | Meals arrive: Prepped and ready to cook | Variety: 100s of recipes to choose from plus grocery items | Dietary choices: Vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, allergen-free, 500 calories or less, carb-conscious, kid-friendly

Hungryroot is a standout choice for the best customizable plant-based meal kit due to its wide range of meal options for plant-based eaters and its hybrid approach to meal delivery. While it does not specifically cater to the keto diet, and it's best that you already have experience with the keto diet's fundamentals, the service is highly customizable, allowing you to select from numerous ingredients and recipes that can be mixed and matched for keto-friendly meals. There are several categories for filtering the recipes, including Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Allergen-Free, 500 Calories or Less and Kid-Friendly.

Plant-based diets have a ton of incredible benefits, with research showing an association between eating plant-based protein and lower levels of risky visceral fat and improved insulin resistance. Hungryroot's meal kits offer numerous options for tasty plant-based proteins and plenty of veggies to help you eat a rounded diet.

Using the website is a unique experience where you can build a customized “food profile" based on answers to an initial quiz, plus have ongoing feedback for a personalized meal plan. Meal kits arrive with full-size items that you might not entirely use up when you cook, but the service prioritizes food waste reduction and delivering generous portion sizes, which could mean you’ll have leftovers for later meals. Some meal preparations may take longer than expected, but many meal options are beginner-friendly, making them suitable for less experienced cooks or those with busy schedules.

Hungryroot's pricing ranges from $9.69 to $11.39 per serving, plus the cost of groceries. The standard order costs depend on the number of meals and grocery items selected. With a focus on sustainability, all outer packaging materials are recyclable, and the company offers a wide range of meat alternatives in its recipe database.

  • Wide variety of simple recipes and grocery items
  • Great for busy families
  • Recipes take as little as 5 minutes
  • Some recipes trade taste for convenience
  • Many recipes feature precooked meat, which can be overly salty
$9.69-$11.39/serving at Hungryroot

Cost: $10 - $11 per meal | Meals arrive: Freshly prepared | Variety: 100+ | Dietary choices: Keto, Protein+, Whole30, Paleo, Mediterranean, vegetarian and vegan (standard and low-carb),

Fresh N Lean stands out as the best organic prepared keto meal delivery service due to its focus on meals made with organic ingredients that meet the needs of specific diets, including the ketogenic diet. The meals avoid gluten, added sugar or GMOs—quality ingredient assurance is a bonus if you’re following a keto diet, which emphasizes whole, nutrient-dense foods. There are six additional dietary-specific meal plans besides keto, including Paleo, Protein+, vegan, Whole30, vegetarian and Mediterranean diet. With over 100 meal options available each week, there’s plenty of variety. The meals arrive ready to heat and eat and can be prepared in less than three minutes, making them a suitable choice for busy individuals. 

The company's website offers a variety of meal plans, and unlike many of its competitors, you have the option during the signup process to specify food allergies and omit up to three ingredients from your meals. The cost for each single-serving meal ranges from $10 to $11 per meal. This is an outstanding value when considering the organic ingredients, dietary-specific focus and convenience of the meals provided. We do want to point out that even though there’s a high degree of flexibility in ordering, you must stick to the chosen diet plan. Also, all meals are single-serving, and, overall, our testers were mixed on whether the portions were large enough to be satisfying. The meals come in vacuum-sealed, BPA-free and recyclable trays, highlighting the company's dedication to environmentally friendly packaging.

  • You can exclude 3 ingredients from all meals and list allergies
  • Fresh, locally sourced organic ingredients
  • Doctor and dietitian-approved meals
  • No family-size meals available
  • $100 minimum order to qualify for free shipping
$10 -$11 per meal at Fresh N Lean

Price: $8 - $10 per serving | Meals arrive: Meal kits ready to cook | Variety: 35+ recipes | Dietary choices: Calorie-conscious, carb-conscious, vegetarian, easy-prep, under 30 minutes

Home Chef is our pick for the best budget keto meal delivery service due to its versatility, variety of meal options and generous portion sizes, often leaving leftovers. While there are low-carb options, there isn’t a keto-specific plan, but there’s room for customization, which can be used to create more keto-friendly meals. Other categories to filter meal choices include Calorie-Conscious and Vegetarian, as well as how much time they will take to prepare. You also can add fully cooked proteins, breakfast items, quick lunches, snacks and desserts as extras.

Pricing starts at $7.99 per serving. For example, three meals per week for four people, including shipping, costs $131. There’s quite a bit of accommodation in ordering for different household sizes and meal frequencies, and you can order up to six servings per meal and up to six meals per week.

Home Chef's meals are easy to prepare, so even if you're a novice cook, you won't have trouble following the instructions. The ingredients are pre-portioned, which helps reduce food waste, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the generous portion sizes with plenty of protein.

When you receive your meals, you'll find that they're packaged in recyclable materials, and the box size and amount of ice used are optimized to reduce carbon emissions and increase efficiency.

Read our full review on Home Chef, and how it holds up in 2024.

  • Offers a variety of meal kit delivery plans, including options for carb-conscious customers
  • Provides flexibility with the ability to swap proteins and side dishes
  • Generous portion sizes, often resulting in leftovers
  • Some meal options may be too basic for more experienced cooks
  • Must stick to the selected meal plan
$8.00 - $10.00 per serving at Home Chef

Price: $11-$13.50 per meal | Meals arrive: Freshly prepared | Weekly menu options: 100+ | Dietary choices: Paleo, keto, Mediterranean, gluten-free, pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan 

Cook Unity stands out as the keto meal delivery designed by chefs due to its unique, expertly created menus with hundreds of meal options, all originating from chefs of different backgrounds, culinary styles and levels of fame. You can choose your meals based on your preferences, including keto meals or other dietary preferences, specific protein options, chef and even cuisine styles. It’s a unique meal delivery service where all its meals are created by top chefs, some of whom are even James Beard Award-winning and Food Network celebrity chefs.

Prices range from $11-$13.50 per meal, depending on the number of meals ordered per week. The total cost for a standard order varies based on the chosen plan and may seem more expensive unless you order more than six meals per week. But it's worth considering for high-quality meals created by award-winning chefs and the convenience of pre-cooked meals, especially if you prize variety.

Cook Unity's meals arrive pre-cooked in chilled, recyclable containers with simple heating instructions, often with a chef's recommendation and a quick-heat option. All meals are freshly prepared, never frozen, and don’t have any chemical preservatives; meals can be frozen as well.

With the goal of achieving zero waste, a returnable packaging program is available in New York City and Los Angeles.

  • Offers a vast array of meal options created by award-winning chefs
  • Provides options to skip, swap, or cancel meals and deliveries at any point
  • Meals arrive pre-cooked in chilled, recyclable containers
  • Pricey
  • Some portions may be on the small side
$11-$13.50 per meal at CookUnity

How to choose the best Keto meal delivery service

When choosing the best meal delivery kits, there are several key factors to consider. These include cost, ease of use, menu choice, taste and eco-friendly packaging.


The cost of meal delivery services can vary widely, depending on the number of meals per week, servings per meal, and specific dietary preferences. Prices typically range from $6 to $13 per serving. It's important to consider your budget and compare the cost per serving across different services.

Ease of use

Meal delivery kits are designed to make your life easier, so you’ll want to consider ease of use. Think about the simplicity of the ordering process, the cooking instructions' clarity and the convenience of the delivery schedule. Some services offer already prepared meals that only need to be heated, while others provide ingredients and recipes to cook the meal yourself.

Menu choice

The variety of recipes and the quality of ingredients are essential considerations. You'll want a service offering a variety of recipes that fit your dietary needs, such as keto, gluten-free or plant-based options. The ingredients should be fresh and high-quality.


Above all, you want your meals to be delicious. The taste of the meals can be subjective, so it's a good idea to read reviews or try a few different services to find one that suits your palate.

Eco-friendly packaging

Consider the packaging of the meal delivery service. Is there too much? Too little? Is it putting too much waste into the world? Many services try reducing their environmental impact by using recyclable or compostable packaging.

How we chose the best keto meal delivery service

Every meal kit we reviewed has different strengths and weaknesses. Some are very easy, others offer more variety; some are great for families with picky eaters and special diets, and others are geared toward noncarnivores. We also tested some heat-and-eat premade meal options (remember when we used to call them TV dinners?) to throw into the mix as the easiest to make of the bunch.

To narrow down the list of the best meal delivery services, an in-house culinary expert, along with Yahoo testers and editors, collectively tried 15 of the top delivery services with their families. We evaluated the services according to the number of weekly keto menu choices offered, the quality and freshness of the included ingredients, ease of cooking, cost, eco-friendly packaging and, most of all, taste.

Frequently asked questions

Does the keto diet actually work?

The keto diet has been the subject of numerous studies, with research highlighting its potential health benefits. For instance, a research review published in BMC Medicine found that a keto diet can lead to significant weight loss and improve heart health by lowering triglyceride levels. Another review in the British Journal of Nutrition reported better blood sugar control for people with type 2 diabetes following a keto diet.

What are meal delivery services?

Meal delivery services provide pre-portioned ingredients and recipes delivered to your door, enabling you to prepare fresh-cooked meals at home without the need to grocery shop or measure ingredients. Services that offer already prepared meals are even more convenient, often with a higher price point, but save you time in the kitchen.

What can I expect from a meal delivery service?

With each delivery, you'll receive pre-portioned ingredients and recipes that may feed two, four or more people. There are options to suit every dietary need and preference, and you can usually choose your delivery day. Pre-packaged meals come already prepared and typically just require you to heat them up before enjoying them.

Do meal delivery kit services save you money?

Meal delivery services can save money by reducing food waste and eliminating the need for time-consuming grocery shopping trips. However, the cost-effectiveness will depend on your unique eating habits and lifestyle.

Can I cancel my meal delivery subscription at any time?

Most meal delivery services allow you to skip a week or cancel your subscription at any time, providing flexibility to adapt to your changing needs.

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