Kevin Bacon Reveals Why He Never Eats Bacon Anymore

Kevin Bacon Reveals Why He Never Eats Bacon Anymore

Now that Kevin Bacon has fully embraced the farm life, there's no more pork on his fork. Or goat, for that matter. So yes, that means Kevin Bacon no longer eats...bacon.

The actor made the bombshell reveal while speaking with People for the magazine's Sexiest Man Alive issue. His reason for ditching pork is actually pretty surprising and kind of adorable, if you ask us. According to Bacon, it's because he has both pigs and goats on his farm in Connecticut.

“I no longer eat goat and I no longer eat pig, because I have goats and I have pigs. My wife [actress Kyra Sedgwick] is like, ‘We can’t get any more animals, because you’re going to stop eating everything'... I love animals, they are a joy to be around, and they’re very, very calming for me,” he said.

Although the Golden Globe Award winner no longer eats pork or goat, the vegetables on his property are certainly fair game.

"But we also really love to go into the garden and get fresh herbs or tomatoes or basil or peppers or zucchini. Taking something hot off the vine that feels warm and smells like it’s been created by all these natural forces of the sun and air and water and earth and dirt, and then putting it back into your body to sustain yourself," he explained.

In the interview, Bacon also gave us with the inspiring reason why he's more likely to opt for a home-cooked meal as opposed to dining out.

"I feel like if you’re always eating out or you’re always getting something to go, then you’re always giving your power over to the people that are going to prepare the food for you. I can’t do that my whole life. I need to have a little bit more control over what I’m putting in my body," the actor shared.

Looks like we'll be giving UberEats a break tonight.

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