Kevin Costner Had "Strong Suspicions" About His Ex-Wife Christine Baumgartner and Their Neighbor

Between everything going on with Yellowstone and his personal life, Kevin Costner is low-key the most dramatic celebrity currently lurking in Hollywood. And now, Us Weekly is out here reporting that he had "suspicions" about his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner's relationship with their neighbor, Josh Conner.

The thing is, Christine and Josh are currently dating, but a source tells the outlet that "Kevin had strong suspicions that something was going on between Christine and Josh. Their close [bond] was a real elephant in the room."

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However, despite Christine being spotted with Josh before finalizing her divorce from Kevin, the insider says their relationship went from platonic to romantic "relatively recently."

Oh, and considering the Yellowstone star is rumored to be dating Jewel (see the below post), "Christine doesn’t think Kevin has anything to complain about. Josh has been Christine’s rock throughout the divorce ordeal. If Kevin has a problem with that, that’s on him."

Okay then!

Reminder that Christine filed for divorce from Kevin back in May 2023 after nearly 19 years of marriage (a literal lifetime), and things got immediately messy when it came to the $$$ of it all (TL;DR: Christine wanted $175,057 a month in child support). Fortunately, their divorce has since been settled and an Us Weekly source says "They are now on speaking terms. Things are better," adding that they "didn’t want it to get ugly for the kids’ sake." least there's that?

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