'You have to look in the mirror': Khloé Kardashian claps back at online trolls over new catsuit photos

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Khloé Kardashian's latest post garnered some choice words from her online trolls (Image via Getty Images/Instagram/KhloeKardashian).
Khloé Kardashian's latest post garnered some choice words from her online trolls (Image via Getty Images/Instagram/KhloeKardashian).

Khloé Kardashian is taking a new approach with her online trolls.

On Saturday, the 36-year-old reality star took to Instagram to share a set of snaps from her sister, Kourtney Kardashian's birthday bash. The photos featured Kardashian posing in front of a wall, in a sizzling, skintight, royal blue unitard.

"Avatar," she captioned it for her 137 million followers.

While for the most part, Kardashian's post was met with uplifting and supportive comments from her family, friends, and fans, one commenter had some choice words for the Good American designer.

"If insecurity was a person," they wrote.

The comment struck a chord with Kardashian, who recently admitted to struggling with body image issues.

"Baby girl, you have to look in the mirror," the reality star replied. "Only insecure people tear other people down."

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Despite the social media user's jab, Kardashian opted to end message on a positive note, wishing the commenter well.

"I'm sending you so much love, health, and happiness! I'm sorry that you're hurting," she wrote.

Earlier this month, Kardashian made headlines for sharing videos of herself to social media, showing off the angles of her waistline.

"Hey guys, this is me and my body unretouched and unfiltered," Kardashian told the camera while turning sideways. The star captioned the photo, "P.S. Yes, I did a live [stream] to show you all this isn’t photoshopped."

The controversy began when her team was instructed to remove an untouched bikini photo taken of Kardashian from the Internet.

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"The colour edited photo was taken of Khloé during a private family gathering and posted to social media without permission by mistake by an assistant," Tracy Romulus, chief marketing officer for KKW Brands, told Page Six.

The photo quickly went viral on social media, prompting Kardashian to make her own statement via Instagram.

"The photo that was posted this week was beautiful," she wrote. "But as someone who has struggled with body image her whole life, when someone takes a photo of you that isn't flattering in bad lighting or doesn't capture your body the way it is after working to hard to get it to this point — and then shares it to the world — you should have every right to ask for it not to be shared — no matter who you are."

Kardashian explained that she has felt "pressure" to "meet other's standards" her entire life and the feeling has now become "too much to bear."

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"You never quite get used to being judged and pulled apart and told how unattractive one is, but I will say if you hear anything enough then you will start to believe it," she continued.

Kardashian revealed that after years of being labelled "the fat sister" and "the ugly sister," the hurtful words have taken a toll on her.

"This is how I have been conditioned to feel, that I am not beautiful enough just being me," she said.

She added that she plans to continue using filters shamelessly, as she would like to "present myself to the world the way I want to be seen."

"My body, my image and how I choose to look and what I want to share is my choice," Kardashian wrote. "It's not for anyone to decide or judge what is acceptable anymore."

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