Khloé Kardashian tweets about her heartbreaking loss during Sunday night's 'KUWTK'

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On Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé Kardashian experienced one of the most heartbreaking moments of her life – losing her dog Gabanna, who had been a part of the Kardashian family for at least 13 years.

Gabbana, who was originally Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s dog growing up, became Khloé’s dog when Kris and Caitlyn Jenner got a divorce. However, all members of the family shared special memories with their furry family member. “Gabbana is really getting old, and I’m just sad because Gabbana and Khloé are really, like, two peas in a pod,” said Kim Kardashian. “Gabbana’s always been there for Khloé during so many hard times. And obviously, when you have a dog for so many years, you know, at some point, you know, she’s not gonna be here.”

Sadly, after coming home from work one night, Khloé found Gabbana sprawled out and immobile on the ground. In a heartbreaking video taken with her phone, Khloé stated, “She doesn’t even shake her tail or anything, which is just not like her, and you can tell, like, she’s breathing a little strangely, but, like, she’s tense right here. Well, she feels tense and, like, I had to put her legs back together ’cause they slid apart, but you can tell she just can’t move from this position. And I don’t know why.”

Khloé ended up taking Gabbana to the vet that night, where she was sadly diagnosed with a cancer called hemangiosarcoma. The veterinarian told Khloé that he had found a heart-based tumor, which was restricting her breathing and slowing down her heart rate, and needed to put Gabbana down that night.

Dressed in all black the next day, Khloé told Kris and Kim, “I just never, in a million years, thought she was gonna die last night. That’s what the crazy part is.”

Khloé, who was about seven months pregnant with baby True Thompson at the time, understandably had a hard time mourning the loss of one of her best friends but, ultimately, Khloé shared that she was grateful that Gabbana left her at a time where she knew Khloé wouldn’t be alone. “Whenever I would come back from Cleveland, Gabbana would be there and she was just my buddy. But now whenever I come back from Cleveland I’ll have a baby,” shared Khloé.

Khloé also stated, “It’s so crazy to me that a dog could touch your life the way Gabbana’s touched my life. I mean, she’s been with me through so much, and when I’ve been alone and had nobody, Gabbana was always there, and I always felt protected, even though she wouldn’t hurt a fly. And I always just had a buddy and a companion.”

Even though it’s been almost eight months since Khloé lost “her first child,” watching the footage over again during Sunday night’s episode brought back tears to Khloé who tweeted live:

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