Dustin's Look From 'Stranger Things 3' Is Hands-Down the Easiest DIY Halloween Costume

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Dustin's Look From 'Stranger Things 3' Is Hands-Down the Easiest DIY Halloween Costume

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When it comes to a group Halloween costume, you have so many options. If there are three of you, you could be the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. If there are more, you can try a Good Place Halloween costume. But if you really want a group Halloween costume that binds you and your besties together forever, despite eternal threats from an inter-dimensional being with psionic powers (Mind Flayer!), there's only one choice: the cast from Stranger Things. You'll have to decide for yourselves who has the hair to pull off a Steve look and who looks best in a totally awesome '80s romper, but, hey, that's what friends do. And Stranger Things cosplay will tide us over until Season 4 returns. We'll take care of everything else you need to put together these Stranger Things Halloween costume ideas.

Eleven Halloween Costumes

In Season 3, Eleven was all about loud patterns and wavy hair.

Photo credit: Netflix

It seems like every time she took a trip to the Starcourt Mall, the colors on her clothes got crazier and crazier. You can go with her yellow Aztec shirt, or find takes on the romper she wears to the mall with Max — or just get your wildest print, and pair it with some suspenders and a yellow scrunchie.

Of course, the Season 1 look is still a classic. There's just something about that pink, smocked skirt and short-cropped hair that's instantly recognizable. (Don't forget the Eggo waffles.) It even works for a baby costume. Whichever season style you choose, your costume is sure to be a hit.

Dustin Halloween Costumes

You can actually deck yourself out in Camp Know Where gear from head to toe, with a variety of accessories to match. The yellow-and-green color combination has that great 1980s feel to it, and would coordinate well with Eleven's crazy patterns.

But while his camp gear may be flashy, it's not Dustin's most quintessential Season 3 look.

Photo credit: Netflix

It's definitely more fun to put together his "Roast Beef" ensemble, complete with a space-shuttle patch on the denim vest. (The patch for the Orbiter: Discovery, like the one Dustin wears, is hard to find, so you'll have to improvise.)

Steve & Robin Halloween Costumes

You can head out and buy a Scoops Ahoy Halloween Costume from the store, or you can try and DIY your own.

Whether you're a Steve or a Robin, you'll need with blue striped shirts, blue shorts, knee socks, red handkerchiefs, sailor hats, and red sneakers. You'll have to provide your own sardonic wit. And ice cream. (Oh how we wish the USS Butterscotch were real!)

Hopper & Joyce Halloween Costumes

Chief Hopper's button-down shirt became instantly iconic, and you can find an exact copy at Spencer's.

Photo credit: Netflix

But, if you want to DIY the look, any loud Hawaiian shirt would do. (This one from Old Navy works.) But you also must include the Magnum P.I. mustache! Joyce has the most subtle style of all the Stranger Things cast, and you can achieve her look with just a ringer tee and a striped hoodie tied around the waist.

Billy & Heather Halloween Costumes

Anyone up for a trip to the Hawkins pool?

After seeing what happens, probably not — feel free to dirty up this lifeguard look with some heinous face paint. There's logo-printed Hawkins Pool swag from H&M and other retailers. You can get the whole look, or just buy one piece and mix it up with a red bathing suit and white tank top for Billy. For poor Heather, pair a red suimsuit with a red fanny pack, and do the highest ponytail you've ever attempted.

Max, Mike, Lucas, and Will Halloween Costumes

If you're volunteering to be one of the rest of the Stranger Things kids, well, you probably don't really like getting dressed up in costumes — they mostly just wear regular clothes.

Photo credit: Netflix

Find some '80s stripes or polos, tuck them into your shorts, hike up your socks, and you're good to go. Of these, Max is, of course, the easiest look to imitate: You just need a rainbow-striped tee and a purple hoodie with the sleeves cut off. The rest is a barrage of run-of-the-mill polos.


We suggest that any Stranger Things crew needs one villain to fight.

Sure, you can buy (or — yikes! — attempt to make) your own Demogorgon costume, but those are scary! Bring a very good doggo in his ferocious demodog costume, and you're guaranteed to get more treats.

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