Kim Kardashian's Louis Vuitton Trash Cans Are the Definition of Extra

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You know what they say: One woman's trash receptacle is another woman's fashion statement. They do say that, right?

Either way, Kim Kardashian West set the Twittersphere abuzz for the gazillionth time when she shared a photo of two impossibly well-dressed trash cans on social media.

The pair of bins—one regular curbside trash can and a blue recycling one—are covered in Louis Vuitton's iconic "LV" logo, the result of what appears to be some kind of ironic DIY project. Though it's unclear whether or not the designer cans belong to Kardashian West, that didn't stop her followers from having an absolute field day with the hilariously absurd receptacles.

"I aspire to be as extra as @KimKardashian and her Louis Vuitton garbage cans," one Twitter user wrote. Another joked: "When I say I’m trash, I mean Kim Kardashian’s kind of trash."

Well played, Kim. Well played.