Kim Kardashian to Executive Prodcue and Feature in Docuseries on Elizabeth Taylor

Kim Kardashian will be executive producing and have a role in an upcoming docuseries about Elizabeth Taylor. The three-part series was commissioned by BBC and is called Elizabeth Taylor: Rebel Superstar.

The series is billed as revealing “how Taylor created the blueprint for modern celebrity.” While the star was known for her ascent from child stardom to her major roles in soap operas, making her the highest-paid actress of her time, documentarians will turn the lens onto her charity and humanitarian work, as well as her status as a business mogul.

Elizabeth Taylor: Rebel Superstar will feature interviews with her family, friends and fellow celebrities. Kardashian, who conducted the last interview with Taylor before her passing, will speak about her relationship with the late actress.

Other perspectives on Taylor will be shared by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dame Joan Collins and Margaret O’Brien. Alongside Kardashian, Kari Lia and Hamish Fergusson are also executive producing. The show is currently in production and has yet to receive a release date.

"Elizabeth Taylor was unapologetically herself, a fighter,” Kardashian said. “She is proof that you can keep evolving and changing and have different chapters in your life - and she paved the way for all of us who came after her with that blueprint.”